Friday Pretty Post: Watching, Waiting, Wishing and Praying

I am still watching LoCH 2017,  it was solid an adaptation till the mid 20 eps, then stuck in the conundrum even Mr JinYong imo could not create a cohesive progression for our YangKang, in novel too flat out evil.  With drama adaptations, the character is required to be within reasons…and attempt the impossible.  It is harmless, perhaps too harmless they are making the boy pervie douche OuYang Ke this time around as well, but boy, is he a charismatic fellow, so much fun to watch on screen and off.

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Now Watching: Alternative Reality

These days, CSPAN/public affairs channel broadcasting gov proceedings is a neverending nerve-racking horror show I have to keep up with bated breath, so my drama spa has to be extraordinary painless, escapism is more essential as ever.   Like those last cans of chicken noodle soup the 5th or infinite day of being miserably under the weather, I am heaping my drama plate with billowing fluffs.

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A Smiling, Proud (Cyberstalking) Wanderer

Once a fangirl, always a fangirl.  That’s me.  I have just a selective handful of gorgeous beings I fangirl, but once I’m on board, I’m not getting off even if the fandom is that burning sinking ship in LoCH08.  I’ll happily holler my ‘Hong Ge~~~~~!!’ as fetchingly as MNC. (I’ve practiced), that and LoCH taught me jumping a sinking ship is big nono: 1. Shark infestation  2. LOST…even if u find island, there r huge leg crushing boulders that’s bound to fall….

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