Friday Pretty Post: Trips Down Memory Lane

Have you fangirled an actress along with your bias?!  I just did. XDDDD

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Palpitations, Hives, Shortness of Breath, You NAME IT!

And I literally can’t feel my limbs and have been pinching my cheeks while doing vitals on myself.

许我向你看 will be adapted into a Cdrama.  许!我!向!你!看!  My most engrossing, destroying every fiber of my sanity read by my current fav C contemporary ‘romance’ novel writer Miss Xin YiWu.  My C novel enablers/bookclubSages.  O! M! F! G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and 蚀心者TOO!!! THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can someone hit me REAL hard.  Like for reals?!?!

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Let Me

I’m annoyingly greedy.  Miss Xin YiWu’s editor just weibo’d the movie adapt of Let Me Look at You is a go, and fangirls r screaming for YH to be cast as HS.

Please TPTB,  let this happen, I will make a personal sacrifice as in Binnie can hide till 2013 away from my droozling and take a rest and shy from any spotlight for wks or months as he pleases if You just let me have this.  I want nothing more than this very thing.



And there  are numerous screams of TangWei as JN.  ie my dreamiest dream cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me lie down and sniff some breathing salts.