Drama Watch: Upcoming Terrific Cdramas

I have done my homework and calculations, these few have absolutely no chance of failing me.

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Jiang Xin and Yuan Hong wrapping up on the set of Hua Xu Yin


*Still alive…and quite well.  Hope y’all are spiffy too!*

I have no idea my 2 talented darlings are still filming Hua Xu Yin. I’m not sure why just seeing or hearing anything of them attached to this picks my mood up many folds. 😀  It is bonus that this is weibo’ed by the PD himself with nth but the sweetest praises of the 2 hotties.

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Old Steady Ships (Part 2)

This is my bromance edition.   There are quite a few that have warm my hearts through the years to name, I should say I love too many of them.  The obvious is HuGe+YuanHong, or Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung, or the love hate bff/frenemy trio of Chen DaoMing 陳道明, Ge You葛优 and Jiang Wen 姜文, of the older generation of C thespians, never into the game of flaunting anything personal in public.   There is a current unfolding juicy rumor of Jiang Wen casting Ge You and maybe CDM in his upcoming movie he’s also starring.  I doubt it’ll happen, but these 3 honchos in one movie?  Not gonna miss that.

This is mostly a Liu Ye appreciation post.

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A bloom, falling off the branch, its vibrancy will fade, but it is not an object void of attachments.  It will transform into fertile soil of spring, nourishing, nurturing new growths.

Our little Red Flower doesn’t fall far from his Tree.  This is a quote of a well-known poem YH’s Mom used as her description at weibo.  Circle of life, of a bloom separated, nourishing the mother tree, and all tying to Loverboy’s nick: little red flower, and all the waxing poetic on soil and growth and bloom rounded up nicely in a tweet Loverboy did yesterday (later on that).  It is brilliant and adorable and moving me to tears.  I’m pulling a very serious big sis face: all you single ladies out there, work on it, grab this dude, not just he’s perfection himself,  a bit more security on a smoother MiL conundrum is always nice.

This is just another regular day where the sun rises and our little red flower blooms.

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