My Three Bestest Chinese Dramas 2013/2014

If you have never ever watched a Cdrama, and just feel like checking out the scene; if you only have the quota of three a year, a decade,  this is my honest, most sincere recommendation.
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合吾! on Longmen Express

[all pictures and gifs from baidu longmen express bar]

Have an MV:  Longmen Express – O Death or a trailer in Japanese

Cool, huh?!  The drama is nothing like it lol, except for some fleeting moments it’s roasting itself and every wuxia/period dramas.   Continue reading “合吾! on Longmen Express”

Get a Room

Sign the papers.  Instead, they got themselves a…wall.

This is one of my very silly Friday post.  Pretty, sure, of course.  But not for the faint of heart, you may die of a heat stroke, or a cute stroke.  Tread lightly.

Mood music:

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