Return of Condor Heroes: The Blight of yuma

Just when WSJ coined a new term ‘dama’ in our OED lexicon for the formidable

“bargain-hunting middle-aged Chinese aunties” who “keep a tight grip on the family purse and an eagle eye on gold prices.”  “financially illiterates” whose “pluck and knack for scooping up gold is not out of strategic calculation and risk assessment, but a matter of following the herd, whose uncouth and uncivilized behavior irks”

…the first thing that comes to my mind is a billion of damas will be easily KO’d by one peculiar irking beast:

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The best (and worst for my sanity) time warping wuxia memes MV EVER!


If you are a fiend of TVB wuxia of the 80s, I dare you to not squeeeeeeeeee and be frozen with your 'mind is BLOWN!' face after seeing any of this (if you haven't, ie me) for the next wk or foreseeable future.

Even if you don't, the time warping awesome memes r  to die for!!!

1)  We have the handsomest prettiest man ever in Cdramaland Leslie, ohhhh soo young and the young Joey Wang fresh off their explosive CPdom of Chinese Ghost Story. *sooo young and too much gorgeousness around and gosh my heart is bleeding TT___TT*  To witness Leslie at his most dazzling: himself in modern clothes, crooning and SMILING, and Joey also in her most out of this world gorgeous: as XiaoSin and STILL rocking the chemistry fake-playing guzheng?  I am lost for words.

2)  A young, boyishly dashing Andy Lau will forever be my perfect Yang Guo, he's also my vote of doing a best acting job amongst the trifecta of best known YG (Louis Koo, Huang XiaoMing and Andy).  My forever favorite Leslie played YG in an 80s B movie, but he's too flawlessly femininely pretty for the role.    I don't care too much about XLN, and imo Carmen Lee is a very limited actress but she encapsulated XLN's aura the best. *I find Idy a bit too melodramatic like a Lin DaiYu in looks when a XLN should be too removed fr world and out of touch of being a human being to feel or care or angst.  Same token, LYF is too cute and warm like a babydoll.*  To my surprise Andy and Carmen looked so matching together and channeling their YG and XLN singing a duet.  Now i wished they did that 90s RoCH with Andy+Carmen instead.  *I've just never felt any connection with Louis K on screen at all*

3. Barbara Yung and Felix Wong.  Singing the most perfect drama title song EVER, there will never be a poet turn lyricist as talented as Jim Wong in Cdramaland (RIP *sob*) and there won't be a better song+lyric team than Jim and Joseph Koo.  The counterpoint duet consisted of two perfectly constructed succinct poems to two harmonizing separate melodies merging in unison at the chorus like the hero and heroine in the epic, the flawlessly contructed song brought home a lot of the breathtaking visuals and emotions described in the masterpiece throughout its verse, the chorus…even the coda.  I was awed as a kid and more so now the fact memorable thematically matching theme song for a wuxia is an extinction. And! Felix! Bow! Dancing!  'Nough said.  *sobbbbbbb and cryyyyyyyy some more*

Because there's not enough of Leslie+Joey goodness,
Leslie and Joey doing the talk show promo in TW:

Gaaaaahhhh now I desperately need to rewatch LoCH83 and RoCH85 (I like this drama adapt more than the novel proper, unheard of, and of course major Blasphemy! for any JinYung) and Chinese Ghost Story. and then MUST rewatch Leslie classics.  Can't do unless there's a rabbit hole with 48-hrs day in it.

O_O Wuxia drama (bad but maybe good) rumors!

*gasp* *gulp* NOOOOO!!!!  Yessss?

Elephant Mt official weibo is tweeting: PD 赖水清 is scouting locations for his upcoming Demi Gods Semi Devils remake!!!!  And Elephant is openly asking fans to spazzzzz on their perfect casting.  Of course the name of our prince of periods, Loverboy, is thrown around, mostly as QiaoFung and for some DuanYu votes.  He'll make the PERFECT Qiao Fung (a discriminated against nonHan Chinese, torn btn patriotism and kin and MOST tragic OTP of all wuxia OTPs, so so full of pathos!! OMGOMGOMG But he can also make a bland on paper DuanYu (the unluckiest prince EVER and incest/fauxcest magnet extraordinaire) brimming with unintentionally irresistible charm.  I can even see him as the innocent naivete later 'humanized', Shaolin monk XuZhu, ie all 3 of the titular leads in the masterpiece. And this is not my fangirl delirium doing the talking.  Try to picture all of it in head if you know the story, and yup, I can see ur nodding.  And I will happily pay to see LSS as Mu Wanqing, basically a stronger, feistier Mu NianChi who is not into a rapist baddie (but her maybe blood brother), or A'Zhu (QF's OTP *Sobbb*).  It'll be awesome to see how much SS has grown since her LoCH days handling a better, yet similar, wuxia heroine.  And muahaha it would give me SUCH a dig if they cast HuGe as either a DuanYu or XuZhu as well and we have a 'TR 3 treasures' reunion outside of the crap TR is now churning out.  I can already see K boss' face in shades of white/grey/green fr rage! lol

imo DGSD is the 'easiest' LC to adapt, it is full of yummy makjang/pathos and glorious drama cliches we so love, but told masterfully.  The characters are either very bold and colorful with a few token blander ones, with lots of twisty plots concerning them all.  Two adaptations I still rewatch: the only ZJZ I ever loved, DGSD2003, which imo is as close to a perfect LC adaptation ever and the oldie but goodie 1982TVB.

PD 赖水清 was responsible for most of the TW Louis Cha remakes in the 90s…and they were stinky turds. STINKY CRAPPY TURDS!  The most traumatizing TWdramas I've ever set eyes on.  The worst offense was his RoCH98. He gave me this XLN in BLACK, ok if only this was a mash w/ Macbeth.  And lets not touch my #$@%$&^%# on RichieRen's most offensive miscast as the most swoonlicious LC hero for most fangirls: Yang Guo.  This is not their fugliest, but actually one of their prettier caps.

And just to kill me some more PD also casted Richie as LHC in my #1 wuxia love Smiling Proud Wanderer.  *WAILLLLLLLLLSS*

I'll watch an ep of  PD's upcoming GuLong adaptation with Wallace Chung in The Magic Blade to prepare myself the blunt of injury comes DGSD > no matter who's cast, I'm watching.  I can stand Wallace in certain roles but I've never liked any of his dramas, he's never horrible but will forever be insanely overrated in fandom imo.  However I do judge anyone casting Baron Chen in wuxias…or dramas for that matter.  I can never get used to Baron's…talent *coughlackthereofcough*

But PD's involvemnt may not be as detrimental considering this is a harder to mess up LC.  The most crucial thing is cast the right actors for the heroes, most importantly Qiao Fung.  There can't be a better fit for Qiao Fung atm than YH, esp if he bulks up.  It's almost like a final exam of his skills, combining his juicy challenging bits in his past roles and forming it into one magnificant tragic hero that he can do well AND gain his deserving respect and accolades at last!  IFFFFF YH is QF, this is absolutely the greatest news in wuxialand for me since forever.  QF is a star-making role, I think he can be as good as HuJun and this is the exact character catapulting HJ to leading man stardom.  It's a role IF it's ever offered to YH, I can't see him turning down, EVER.  He may not be as manly as HJ, and there's bound to be comparisons but he's so much more prettier!!!  He is widely considered one of the handsomest in Qing queue by C audience and critics alike, but I would also add he wears fur like nobody's business.

Off topic: HJ's Kublai Khan drama is looking decent! I'll keep an eye out.

And ETA: I'm shocking myself in thinking Xuan Yuan Sword doesn't look too extremely shitty fr its title song MV.  HG is for once having mature, sexy chemistry with TangYan (and I like her in serious angsty roles).  I guess if TR sets its mind in doing sth its good at, within its scope, it can still do a decent game adapt  drama.