First Look at Love Trouble

This is also a recap of the weibo BL comedy hour with YH at the helm.   He stated he is a guy and he is darn straight at a weibo reply, cascading into his typical hilarious silly rampage replying incessantly to the adoring ‘naysayers’.  I AM DYING HERE YUAN HONG.  You seriously have to stop this endless cyber tickling.

[credit on pics]

  *mild spoilers and word diarrhea*

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Last day of September, so long summer!  This post will be a monsoon of pretty men (ie not just Loverboy) and ladies in period costumes, a lot of Loverboy kissing (a girl, not the pretty men), HuGe (and their lovechild jkjk) and a fanboy’s sweet fanletter to MaestroMiyazaki.

Lets start with what YH wrote to Miyazaki in the New Weekly feature (a CN Atlantic-esque current affairs magazine):

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