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Loverboy has been on quite honorable good boy behavior like a properly raised role model of his motherland last week.  The tragedy and his thoughts with the quake victims must be weighing in.  But that can’t last long, not when he’s around one of his (godzillion) soulmates e.g. BL chum Ray Ma, who is also a fellow social butterfly and a gd buddy with YeQing.  Ma posted the pics he took with both Loverboy and Miss Ye, commenting Loverboy has an enchanting lure (normally describing a breathtaking lady) and Ye is the most manly out of them 3.  Loverboy replied, ‘Who will you pick *a guy as enchanting as a beautiful woman or a lady manlier than 2 dudes* ?  Say it!’  Typical smartassery of my Loverboy.

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Muakkkkkk 么么哒

I had to baidu AND douban what 么么哒 (mo mo da)  truly means, it seems like it is a CN equivalent to muakkkkkk~?! if we r being PG.  Thanks to my impish Loverboy who feigns innocently curious asking the weibosphere if expression 么么打 means kiss, kiss then spank.  He already has a couple prankish spins on the slang (erm 摸摸大/mo mo dai ‘touchtouchbig’, 么么啪啪啪 ‘muakmuakunfunfunf’ are not PG13) .  And WHO can’t tell he’s just asking for virtual smooches and slaps and being devilishly flirty with his fangirls?  Of course that tweet makes it to a top tweet of the day, easy.

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2013 Loverboy Style

I’ve been a cyberstalking fangirl of Loverboy long enough to know he will definitely be causing guffawing cheers at weibo comes any big day.  2013.1.1 is not gonna sneak by without him ringing in the new year with the top tweets of the day there.

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Life altering exp: Princess TaiPing watch

This is fr an official blogger affiliated with Mango/HunanTV, spazzing on the pretty of YH, yet jabbing how turdish (‘thunderous’ in Mando slang) the drama proper is, asking if One handsome guy can steal a hundred ‘thunder’.  And this is a promo tweet.

Have you ever wonder what the clusterfuck of all department crap will look like? Yes, I do beat Goong to death, but I see its addicting appeal to many, and I’m more pissed by the putrid trend it’s set and the ramifications.  Because I’m sure if Goong was a commercial flop, no one will DARE make sth as blatantly turdish as this new form of bashing entertainment: when most or all of the audience r watching in order to poke fun at it.  It’s so in-your-face horrid, HunanTV’s official weibo has been ‘promoting’ how ‘thunderously’ fun it is a watch.  When I did a weibo search on the drama, it’s unanimously ‘raved’ as the most hilariously horrible thing EVER peeps set eyes on.  I could smell its stench miles away since production, so I’m expecting some of this, but I’ve not seen sth so unanimous in opinion, with it’s own ranting thread so hot so fast in Tianya forums.

And being the dra-masochist I am, it’s suddenly a must-poke-fun-at.  I’m not even warning you to stay away because I think it’s awe-inspiring in the impossible, I’m rendered speechless, because if I have to rant, it’s an every line, every scene kinda deal.  If you have time to spare, join the new trendy thing of knowingly watching stinky crap with the rest of the netizens.

A look at …the Plot?


awwwwwww ’Tis all love’

I feel like a very dead zombie.  I've been on my feet since 5am (the usual) and worked. THEN I've been braving traffic chauffeuring to 3 malls within a 20 mi radius….and today of all days I've put on my heels, it's 2 inches, but for 16 hrs st, can u feel my pain?!?!?!?

I just wanna say now that DMY's casting is all set in stone, I'll move on, and further away fr the Nth TR silly casting soapy mess.  I am not that interested in the drama all along because I don't see any real care to fake this as anything but a cash cow, it's never been top priority for TR holding its rights for a while till SS became a household name post BBJX.  Obviously the silly turds @TR r illiterate and don't care a wink exc for $$$$$$$.  My cast in head will always be the initially one they joked about, YH as HQB, HG as 9Ye, LSS as YuEr when I reread it. I'm fine with the bros switching, but I need me a final YH+HG bromance galore fluffy puppies and unicorns before they say byebye to their 20s for good and REALLY go their separate paths in their career *sobbbb*.

But after I've moved past the leads casting soap suds, the supporting cast is VERY interesting with a lot of peeps I dun mind watching for them alone.  I ❤ HanDong/Prince9. I <3333 Maggie Cheung fr her TVB leading lady days in the 90s and she'll make a smashing Madam Rouge.  However the costuming is so subpar for TR, it's almost as ridiculous as shittysword or their RoyalTrash DoMD PoS.  It's no longer a thing I'll judge whether it's going to be true to novel coz everything is warning me this is sth thrown tog using minimum heart for maximum gain (ie CraptheWorld). But if I have nth better to watch, I dun mind it as a drama on its own with no connection to the book at all.  They'll massively alter the book to get through the censors. Mark my words. *spoilerish: HXB's fate is extremely historically inaccurate in novel, and anything messing with real historical figure is BANNED in Cdramaland.*  I don't think the TR dupes will even rem about the concept of 'based on a novel' to risk not getting it out asap while it's talk/scorn of the town.  According to TR's calculation, as long as they will make the required amt of profit, they'll do anything because their trump card is, HG and SS has enough of rabid extremely hardcore, dense, tween fangirls to ensure a decent viewership/web hits….and they dun need much to get profit coz now they have Eddie and the overseas market is sooo secured, and that's where they usu make a bulk of their dough anyway.  They WONT even pull their usual effort to make this looks passable.  I'm ready to embrace the shittiest, most hilarious CGIs known to mankind.

And how gigantic is Loverboy's heart?!?!?!??!??!!?  Them TR bitches, they never ever gave him another wink as soon as he's left/kicked off their curb.  There's no simple human courtesy anything, as if he's ceased to exist in their fav playground of weibosphere.  And along comes DMY in the heat of its presscon and noise generation today, he tweets such a lovely simple weibo of ' 'Tis All (my) Love *muak*' [袁弘新浪個人認證全是爱[爱你]] He has nth to do with this no more, although he was used every ounce of his worth as some stand-in for 'a lead' till they get a better $ making brandname of a leading guy.  But it has his HuGe, his SS, his Eddie, his TR buddies (at least he still keeps them close to his heart).  What a guy!

I'm just happy after a headache inducing physically challenging day he's there on weibo giving me a sweet little nightcap, like turning my blankie and the equivalent of virtually left me a still warm chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk on my nightstand.

End of my HongShi drought

This is just a 40 sec teaser of the whole ShenZhen Cable TV program which I know nth much about other than Loverboy Yuan Hong and his bff fr HS will be babysitters to some of the snarkiest, funniest toddlers *I lost tiny hope and am extremely hopeful for mankind simultaneously* I am still looping it and giggling like a loonie yet smirking at how YH is totally played by a 4/5 yo yet going dawwwwwwwwwww over the collective cuteness that is HongShi + snarky fangirl/HongShi shipping toddlers.  And let me just be annoyingly obvious, if you r shipping a CP so obvious even to a 4 yo, it's a pretty solid one.

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A ‘sneak peek’ at BBJX 2 (I kid)

For the nth time, TR’s LB, just be down on knees, beg and say the word ‘PLEASE!’ for N times, kiss his feet and bring chests of cash till YH forgives ur silly bitchy ways and I bet YH will happily spin up a script for BBJX2 better than TongHua, just saying, but I’m so not kidding……

Loverboy has finished his months-long exile in the wildwild desert West DunHuang and is heading back to civilization/Beijing.  BJ is hit by a serious case of smog and flights to and from the capital have been nightmares.  Thanks to the delays and nth better to do but chowing cup noodles and wine and fruit cups, YH decided to make his anticipated entry to the annual Weibo short story contest, rem he gave a BRILLIANT entry with just FOUR characters , I was spazzing like my usual loonie self this time last yr (http://mookiehyun.livejournal.com/11486.html).  He got a showing in one of the highest RT and trending tt last year, and he’s doing it again today, this is RT’d 10000+ times and counting.

袁弘新浪個人認證#微小说#绿芜,若曦都走了很久了,四哥皇位日益坐稳,承欢也已长大,这世界于我已无牵挂,于是我决定穿越去未来玩玩。未来果然有趣,有电脑有汽车有手机,我爱上微博爱看NBA爱吃扶桑料理,还有自由的爱情。我甚至鬼使神差做了个演员。当然一切也不是那么尽善尽美有些事也挺扯,例如,他们让我演十三。  轉發(10758)| 評論(6817)

YH: #weibo novella# It’s been a long time since LuWu and RuoXi’s passing, Brother4’s rule is stronger than ever, Chenghuan is growing up beautifully, I have no baggage in this world, thus I’ve made the decision to time-travel for fun.  The future is really amusing, there are computers, cars and cell phones, I’ve fallen in love with Weibo, I love to watch NBA games and I love Japanese cuisine….and also the freedom of falling in love. I even haphazardly picked up acting as a profession.  Of course, not everything is puppies, rainbows and unicorns perfect, there are things quite exacerbating: They have let me play the role of 13.

*This precious thing is also gushing many times @ weibo how much he loves A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy CN version.   I vaguely rem there’s a pirated CN Big Bang Theory, they r missing a megahit not begging Loverboy to be Sheldon*

^His tweet is promptly RT’d by the official Weibo Novella miniblog…and cutely tagged one of my fav HongShi pic. ^^

As expected the BuBu gang joins every party 13 is hosting:

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Me thinks Major WTFery is cockblocking my drama! *RAWR*

WTF!??!!!???!?!?!  I'm watching 3 currently airing dramas. Office Girls, Homeland and Ad Mania.  The first 2 r 1 ep/wk kinda show and I was counting on AdMania to tide me over but its airing is 'indefinitely delayed' per the stupid cable TV station that is broadcasting it since last Friday.

Some majorly yucky news is hitting the HK/Cdramaland today.  Benny Chan and Joe Ma are caught in public, in a restaurant in WengDang, fondling and harrassing a 19 yo HK starlet, Rose Chan. The pics grossed me out and the sleaziest part is Benny Chan tried to first deny any mishaving on weibo, almost passively jabbing on the victim for misunderstanding and making a big deal.  When pics r on frontpages, THEN he said he's sorry for his drunken stupor and he has no ulterior motive other than regarding Rose as his younger sister.  Joe Ma 'apologized' just now on weibo saying he's sorry for not stopping the offense right in front of his eyes, he's drunk…blablabla when he's also photographed forcing kisses on the mouth on the poor girl.  These r married douches old enough to be her father, JoeMa has kid(s). WTF!!!!

I hate Benny Chan as an actor and a person, he should be torched in hot fire.  Joe Ma, I do like his acting, and I don't really care for how actors behave offscreen unless they did sth criminal, but Joe has a reputation of being sleazy, this crossed the line and is as douchy as can be.  The girl has already reported to the police and we'll see if these aholes get justice served.
(news report: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainment/view/1166970/1/.html)

Ad Mania is abruptly taken off the air after airing its first 2 eps with NO explanations, not even Brandcore's Alan, the boss behind the production, is uttering a word on why when he's usu quite nice and accommodating with fans (and he's #1 YH fanboy)

If Joe Ma being indicted has anything to do with Ad Mania being pulled off the screen thus me not getting my Loverboy dose, I'm doubly RAGEY!!!