Thank you, for passing by my side. -Tang Wei

[My forever girl crush, yesterday, Beijing.]

It was ripples a few days ago in weibosphere and finally the storm of the longwaited premiere of Late Autumn in CN.  They can tell me all they want it takes the nec. time/trouble for a foreign movie to air in CN, but it’s another barely there veil of censorship against Tang Wei.  It still makes me queasy in my stomach w/ the disgust.  Here she is today, graceful in a white cocktail dress that would be otherwise questionable on many actresses, but she fills in more charm than the dress is designed for.   Her usual classy self, my girl crush.
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Hyunbinnie post (sorta)

It's good that I LOVE TangWei, or else I would've been so ragey with envy I want her blood.  She flirted with and teased him, and she kissed him till she couldn't bear it any longer (I don't understand what woman will stop the kissing at her free will, u can breathe any other times for the rest of ur life!).   She's done some promo lately in Beijing for ManChu, FINALLY getting an air date Mar 23 in mainland.  It's also a huge deal because I'm not too sure her 'ban' is completely lifted (or does it have anything to do with its suspiciously late CN release)

In the interview, she talks about her Anna, a woman closing herself off to feelings, jailed for 7 years when we met her, her heart has been put in a deep freeze hiatus, she's forgotten the outside world, and the rest of the world has forgotten about her….till she met HB's character, to her, he's literally a ray of sunshine, a warmth, an angel.  She realizes, shockingly, she is still able to love.

The first time she met HB,  he's wearing a baseball cap, very shy.   But they become good friends over the course of filming.

TW, 'He's very meticulous and attentive. He's thoughtful of any and everything.  But I want to poke him a bit off-kilter, for example, whenever we're doing an interview, I'll do or say something that I know he will be taken by surprise and will not know how to respond.  He'll panic a tiny bit, but that's when he's so adorable and so true.  Your heart can't help to flutter when he's like that, that's the HB I felt most real.  The usual HB is too cool.' And she tells the reporter, there's this one time when they were filming a promo video,  they were told to stare at each other intently, out of nowhere she tilted up his chin with her finger flirtatiously, he was so shocked he didn't know what to do but glared at her.  She laughs, 'I really loved these moments of him!'

There is a much talked about long passionate kiss in the movie.  'That scene was not in the script, the director added it last minute, telling us it'll be a release of all our feelings for each other in an explosive note.' She said the director was 'so bad', he didn't shout cut when filming, so they kept kissing and kissing till they 'couldn't stand it' anymore, that's when he said 'cut'.

In the article TW also mentions she wants to study acting in Sweden, she's already done an acting course in London, but she feels she's not gone 'far enough', she has so many farther places she wants to go.

Original article:

On one hand, I can't believe it's a year since Berlinale 2011, OTOH, it means it's almost A YEAR he's enlisted and there is less than 300 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is still a DARN long time, toooo long. I miss him, bad.  T_T


Manchu the movie proper is a bit dull and puzzling when it shouldn’t be. I wish it’s done by a WKW or a HHH because the story is a simple boy meets girl in some peculiar circumstances, that should be drenched, dripping with extravagant OTT moodiness and never be told with no audible words unless it’s whispered as silent secrets into a treehole at AngKor Wut if it’s going to be relevant.

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HB fangirling

His pictorial for K2 is not my fav, .. and just when I counted it out as complete meh, K2 gives me this:

GAHHHHH, MY PRECIOUS!!  See I’m one of those who’ll insist Hyunbinnie has that intellectual prince aura no one else can touch. Even when selling us some hiking clothes, give him a book.  BOOOM!  Magic!!

And fangirls, blur your faces all you will, I can still see your delirious smiles and sneaky grabbity hands.  And one of these crazy days of mine, I’ll PI you 1 by 1 and come wipe that happy face off!!!! *RAWR*

And Manchu will be showing at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival:

*sob* WANT!  there are sooo many reasons I should live in LA!  So close….yet so far!
here is an heartfelt review of the movie:

I saw a lot of ugly stabbity on TW fr the SeGa shippers on my facebook feed.  You know, I love me a lot of HJW, she’s in my first Kdrama love Damo, but her fans r sooo turning me off, and I can’t help but extrapolate some of the puking on HJW herself.  Yes, I’m not rational, but I do judge idols according to the crowd they attract, can’t help it.  And spinning ugly storms in teacups and hating on TW(my girlcrush), that’ll do it.

And Miss TW is off to Korea the day HBinnie is out on leave, and they may do a Samsung CF tog even if it’s CGI/PS’d.   And just when I’m soo preoccupied with TWxHB, my old slashy fav HBxJDG is out and about having a gorgeous namja dinner date.  Yup, first outting of HBinnie on his MS leave is spent having a joyous time with his fav hyung JDG!  <3333

You think my fangirling is craycray?!  Apparently the laundromat HBinnie visited to have his Marine uniform and that down jacket drycleaned is SOOOOOOOO ecstatic she’s posted pics of his laundry on webby.  I bet it’s smelly, and I’ll bet more she’s sniffed some binnie smell, kinda grotesque but don’t tell me that thought won’t pass your head if given the opportunity.
It has his #2101, name ‘Kim Tae-Pyeong’ written in tag.  He’s size 95M185…ie his ht is 185cm.

Since all your army clothes r off to the cleaners TaePyeong, care for leaking some topless-ish pics?! let me give u a pic hint:

This is a damn long kiss!

O gosh this is so intimate I feel all embarrassed for intruding and trying to will myself to not ogle …in vain of coz.

it’s ~1min and clearly they r NOT done smooching. *fanning self* I’m having premature hot flashes!

And my fangirly fingers can’t stop clicking as much as I’m disgusted with how my hyunbinnie is being mistreated.  The preview of the Marines docu DVD:

Tanned, chiseled and young.  Stay healthy and safe is all I’m asking, my love.

Drama front, I’m continuing my MarryMe! watch, but I’m still drugged up and groggy and spending most of my time horizontal and passed out.. I’m too out of it to spazz properly even.  All I can muster up, I’m at ep8 liking it more and more, with serious FF of absolutely everything else other than the OTP!  I’m soooo loving how their relationship is building a little nudge at a time, so presh!  Oddly for couple time (pick a drama each and we watch it at a very leisurely pace) we’re watching 49, that’s hubs’ pick, he’s not interested in the ladies at all, but intrigued by Scheduler and Kang, interested in the plot, I’m usu zoned out but it’s watchable.  My pick is Mildred Pierce. we r only 1 ep in, but I’m in love.  I find it much more sober/mellow with less whistles and bells compared to my impression of Mad Men after 1 ep.

This stupid allergy beast has to get the hell out of my lawn SOON!  I so need functioning braincells to marathon Prez, darn it!!

A big everything goes, mostly a big lump of gooey love fr me! MUAK

Where did this wk go?!  Seriously!!! But really it is F.R.I.D.A.Y.  It’s not a complaint,  I scare myself when I can’t recollect what booboos I’ve done in life for DAYS.

I babble all messily, esp here when I feel I’m in 4D, talking to myself juxtaposed by time much more consciously than other medium, a time traveling.  I’m still groggy.  I’ve just told my boss sth to the effect the most smashing date rape drug targeting me is Benadryl/Claritin/any antihistamines, and I pulled my MOST cognizant face.  Boss patted my shoulder with a fatherly care/concern and wisely walked away.

So… I’m not a good water cooler conversing buddy for my own sake this afternoon.  I usu do try to thread coherent thoughts when it’s written down for all to see (honest).  This afternoon though, I’m hecking it and I’ve just wandered off to my beloved weibo, uploaded bunch of pix to my photobucket and here we go, care for a ride?! I have purrtttyyy PICTURES! XDDDD  I just wanna see how ridiculous a post I can make it.

I had no substantiating food in tummy.  Starving, munching a muffin, 20 oz of 4 shots of espresso and here I am. my thoughts bouncing off where else but my studmuffins?!

My binnie, I’ve abstained fr thee, ma love for the Holy month!!  HOW I MISSEDDD YOU!!

I’ll try to stay my most positive fangirl self because the sight of your long long lonnnnnggggg legs in your Marine outfit is bringing out my happy chipmunk voice!  I hope u r ok with Marines allocating u to do PR (as if u haven’t been doing a yr’s worth last month) instead of real army stuff, because this still looks amazingly challenging physically even if it’s for a photo op. *hughughug*

I love you so very much, lazylazy me even did a collage for you (of a collection of awesome fanart I grabbed/stole). I still dunno how to resize stuff when posting in LJ, THAT lazy. 😉

Late Autumn will be showing at the Taipei Film Festival in Jun/Jul.  When clicking into its webby, I’m annoyed of the pimping of both ManChu and SHK’s Camellia in the same breath and linked by one hugeass headline of their love affairs.  I’ve lost respect of TPFF just like that. *pfffff*

These OTOH, make me VERY happy 🙂
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hmmm… I’ve been staring at the following things for a while, and the more I’m doing it to myself, the more I realize I’m late and losing my marbles and droolzing.

fr baidu HB bar

The clip started with blablablaing on how ridiculously shuai HB can be even at the airport, at Berlin… and what else is up his sleeves charming the ladies.

And the interview started with TW waiting for the certain someone, calling out ‘HB-ah~!’
and they all said ‘Annyeong haseyo~!’ both MC and bin r surprised w/ TW speaking Korean. 🙂
MC asked if binnie taught TW, he said no, TW said yes (lol)
Then we have a clip fr ManChu, MC is saying it’s a movie about falling in love in 3 days.
[On the set for the Vogue shoot]
To make up for their heartbreaking romance, they have more time to be close together again.
HB: This is too embarrassing!  I don’t know what to do! (haha, on holding TW’s foot and toying with her shoe hahaha and he’s blushing)
MC: To make up for their too short romance, they are playing a perfect couple madly in love today.
MC: They are so into their characters, being a cool urban couple!
MC: Wow, this is a true poster! (referring to the non-psd version of pic above)
[What r the changes in binnie?]
TW: He has flipped his hair up. (bin *lol*)
TW: Why is he so skinny now?  (to binnie) You are working too hard! (haha I dunno y binnie is loling again ^^)
TW: I’m showered with a LOT of gifts from his fans.
(she went on to count) TW: fruits, veggies, desserts, rice cakes, gift boxes, mirrors…etc.
HB: From what I know, she’s heard of SG.
TW (on the kisses with HJW): I’ve watched it :/ (bin *gigglegiggle*)
MC VO: TW seems to be quite jealous watching the binnie kiss scenes.
TW (on what she’ll say to HJW if she meets her filming in China): I’ll ask her if HB is such a miser of words on set with her.
(MC and binnie *hahaha*)
HB: I’ve read the reports (on HB ignoring TW on set). And there’s a lot.
MC: You made TW think that all Korean actors do not talk and r cold on set.
HB: Sorry~! *fake cold and snotty* (with his wicked badboy grin and kicking his leg like a naughty kid)
MC: In the movie, ur characters fell in love in 3 days.  Can it happen to you in rl?
HB *furrowed brows, all serious*: It’s very hard for me considering who I am. (Why?) I need to have conversations with her, we’ll need time to observe and get to know each other.
TW (@ bin): do you think I can?
HB: I think you can.
TW: He still looks a lot like Hoon, the character in the movie.  What should I do?  I may need more time after this movie is all over (to get over it.)
MC: Maybe that’s why they are so natural and at ease exchanging glances and looks on set like a loving couple.
MC: Who can ignore that particular scene bringing them closer in the movie?!
[Will the passionate kiss be as sensational as the foam kiss?]
MC: Their sad kiss in the mist.
(How does it feel, the kiss…)
TW: Very nice.  And you?
(TW said ‘And you?’ in Mandarin, and it sounds like a K dialect of the same thing so she surprised MC and binnie again, this time knowing a K dialect 🙂 )
MC:  This is his last movie before HB’s MS
TW(at once): there is still Come Rain, Come Shine, right?
(everybody *lol*, I’m just so happy to see binnie loling all thro’ the interview and so relaxed and cheery :))) )
TW: You are doing sth I wished to do since kindergarten… to serve in the army.  That’s my childhood dream.
(binnie spit his lunch lol again haha)
and TW grabbed the MC’s mic again and go, ‘HB-ah, go to the army and get a good sleep!’ (she wanna say have a good time serving his MS)  MUAHAHAHAHA
so MORE binnie loling!!!!

AHhhhhhhh I LOVE TANG WEI!!!!   IF it’s up to me, please make her interview binnie fr now on till eternity!

And this next one is binnie doing nth much sitting on sofa and being pretty , just the Samsung TV CF bts, so yeah I declare me delirious for watching it several times mute coz I dun care what the girl MC is saying. What else can she be saying other than binnie is shuai, is very shuai, is ridiculously shuai. *yawn*

Hyun bin washung! Hyun bin washung!

Thank you~~ Tang Wei!  OMG without her sharp funny rapport w/ MC w/ bin, and how buddybuddy she’s with HyunBinnie and I bet a bit in the know of what a hyunbinnie fangirl wants,  all the hyunbinnie fangirls worldwide wont get their precious ringtone atm.  Yes,  I’ve made my hubs called me fr the other rm twice this am just so i can roll around in fangirl delirium with hb saying ‘ munja washung! HB washung(is here)!’ that SG ringtone just got @#%$*better.

here it is w/ c subs ( thanks to dearies at baidu)!

did I say I love TangWei? like loveloveloveeeee? she’s talented and absolutely blew me away in Crossing Hennessy, a delightful slice of life little romance set in Wanchai, HK…( I love her perf there more than LC).
I love her in interviews, there’s a frankness that is not abrasive, and she’s so sharp and such a ball of fun!

I’ve done a quick trans of the cutest interview:
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I have, since last nite, got my hands on another several hundreds of binnie pics.
Why, this dude, whenever he’s out in open, will yield such a scary amt of pics still, is beyond me.  *not complaining*

He didnt get much sleep still after SG is donedonedonedone, busying himself with a trillion of things.  It shows in many of the pics fr the presscon of ManChu yesterday.

BUT, even deleting those fr my HD, I still have to edit it down to these few:

more…waywaywayyy more…

‘U want me to be good, I’ll be good. U want me to be bad, I can be BAADDD!’

Manchu, I’ve never been this obsessed with a movie I haven’t yet seen.  Not that I’ve an insane level of expectation, but this is sth I’ll enjoy, foolproof.  I love seeing ppl falling in love, the falling part. And this is entirely about all those subtle jitters, simply done  focusing on these 2 and nth much else.  Before Sunrise in Seattle where the guy is a shady gigilo, and girl is a murderer serving her sentence.

Many reports on ManChu is out, it’s premiering in days…. ARGGHHH I cant cant cant wait.
Although there r no subs, binnie and Tang Wei speak mostly Eng, and with a remake, the story is so well known they r not bothered with spoiling.
DO I still need to say how hot I find binnie as a gigilo in that hair and those smirks?!  He said ‘U want me to be bad, I can be BADDD!’  asdfghjfsadfsjgk

OST is out, Alex feat. Jane, and I’m already looping.

PD said he picked HB because, first, he’s unbelievably handsome the more u look at him.  Also, there’s sth very lonely, isolated in his aura.  hmmm, so right on.  And Tang Wei because she reeks of a bold gutsy fiesty attitude in love and life.

TangWei and HyunBinnie also lived together during the months they r on location in Seattle. (O M G!) and any downtime they have they spend it together getting to know each other and to soak in the city.   (I would pay ANYTHING  for a job like TangWei’s)