I went to a wedding in a picturesque farm and met this sick little piggy yesterday, I must’ve spent too much time with it and now I’m sick too.  Not fun!  I hope this is nth more serious than a normal flu, I was dragged to urgent care and got poked and examined in the middle of the night…and now wait and see.  Luckily, my personal ‘drama’ is on a holiday, I guess.  None of my grandiose plans for the day materialized, and family is stuck home with me too.  At least they laid around the pool and swam a bit while me is stuck in bed slurping plain jook/congee.  It is sweating hot even with the AC blasting and I’m having the chills, and sweats…yuck.  But then is it crazy to love being a bit under the weather and never felt more aware of one’s body and the love ur dear ones will just shower on you without considering u r a spoiled brat that’s past the age to be a whiny needy child?!

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