*squeeeeee* some lovely cinema

Longing for a decent (very decent, I'm riding off the high and would say best last few years) romance/ 'chickflick' that won't insult your intelligence?!  Ans: Love in the Buff.

I just stepped out of the cinema of Love in the Buff with my gfs.  It's too late to go for a drink in our little neighborhood to spazz over. And tbh we r no spring chickens, beauty sleep =lifeline.  Now I'm so not surprised this movie robs HG #1 status in the universe last premiere wkend in the tiny city of HK.

A subbed trailer:

Love in the Buff is sequel to Love in the Puff, the better, improved Ver2. Now our OTP is firmly in their 30s pushed and pulled by more imminent issues.
There r fresh discussions in it I thought ITWY would address, but I was so v wrong, me and drama broke up bitterly and I felt insulted and furious.  Not here, this is so sharp, current and genuine and the acting is sooooo seamless, even Miriam (I'm not a fan), her best job in the biz ever.
But I'm a fangirl of Shawn Yue:
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