I have made it through Nice Guy 19

Right at the nick of time!!!

What a sinfully delicious ride of frustratingly refrained clinical angst!  All the characters r flawed and dug their own cesspool/grave they r or will be in. I’m feeling the most for JH tbh because she still is true to her selfish bitch self through it all and it’s glorious to watch.  She’s most realistic and stern in her set of twisted life’s principles yet her vulnerability is palpable and I can see it through her every action where the shiz is coming from.  She must be my favorite Girl2Witch of all time.  She’s not boringly predictable, just I can read her like an opened trashy romance.  PSY is doing the job of her career (where she’s been amazingly improving to wow me in every outing I’ve seen her already).  It’s a treat to watch all her careful, pitch-perfect yet seemingly effortless touches on a woman in panic, a hair from losing her mind and everything.  It’s like watching her on an acting tight-rope, faking she’s about to fall every step yet we can still see the lady is so surefooted in it all along.  I can’t help but care for what’s next for JH may it be dying to watch her Big Fall.  And to note, I was totally snerking at how hopelessly horrible she was in My Girl!

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