My lineup tonight: WarHorse, HardBoiled, City of Sorrow

My dear baby cousin is in town an hr away fr me, she's a dream.

She wants to see War Horse as well, we r waiting for her to see it tonight instead.  I have hankies ready…not for me, but my hubs, who notoriously sobbed out loud watching ANY animal starring movies: Charlotte's Web, Babe, Hachi, Eight Below, and his ultimate favorite sobfest: The Bear.

Over dinner last night, cousin and I did one of our rituals: TonyLeung fangirl spazzfest.  She saw Great Magician in a prescreen before she left for this trip and as I'm a spoilerphobe, she just hinted on the absolute fact I'll be surprised. She flipped through my ancient VCD TVBdramas collection and pulled out It's a Long Way Home/ 家有嬌妻.   It's a lesser known Tony drama, but I'm very very fond of it being harmlessly charming and have 2 sizzling OTPs decades before term was coined.  We were in the middle of the first episode when hubs decided to be a bit more sociable and left his manhole, the conversation meander to the headlines: real HK Infernal Affairs of an undercover cop, who successfully captured 222 triads members and 4 very high ranking bosses over the years, and the cut-throat 'tests' on whether he's still fit for his duties.  One of them was another cop to pretend he's a baddie and find a way to manip undercover cop hero to some place deserted, point a gun to his head and try to rat out if he's an undercover cop.  Hardcore, and yes, that's a serving of HK regular headline for ya.  Hubs burped, the undercover cop must now hide in Iceland.  We go 'huh?!?!??!'  He's like, 'O_0?!  You call yourself fangirls when u can't connect that to Hardboiled?!? You know, the first time he impressed me he's the real deal is Hard Boiled.  He kicked ChowYunFat to the blood curb in that one.'

I'll out myself, I'm the rare HKer who does not care for JohnWoo, and my cousin shares our tiny little 'how!DARE!you!?!' corner. It's a 1992 movie, 20 LONG years ago!  It piqued our interest to investigate how the ladykiller Tony is impressing my hubs alone.  Needless to say we must rewatch tonight.  But since both of us girls r floored by his lovely job in City of Sorrow, we will watch both back to back and compare notes

I sincerely hope War Horse will blow our socks off, because I'm anticipating the 1-2 punch of Tony afterwards with my socks pre-blown.

Some TW Golden Horse Film Awards babbling

Sentimentally, I'm rooting for Eddie to win, but I thought it'll go to the actor for “Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale” (賽德克‧巴萊)  though I've not seen any of the entries.  But it goes to ANDY LAU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  NOOOOOO!  I do like his work ethics, and he's more than handsome enough, but he's too full of himself to ever be a great actor.  I've been itching to see “A Simple Life” (桃姐) ever since the awesome Deanie Yip won the actress award at Venice Film Festival.  Ann Hui has been the tour de force in docu-movies of showing HK in it's rawest form, giving a voice for inhabitants usu shoved to the edge of society for decades: Vietnamese refugees, lesbians, new immigrants living way below the poverty line and now an aging maid.

The trailer for A Simple Life:

And I'm nosy to a fault and checked out 10 min YZ's ChuHan/MingDynasty/Louis XVI/PrisonBreak unintentionally time/continent/genre traveling farce  as an exercise of how high my tolerance for utter crap…I made it to 14 min.  I'd rather watch Saw.

And to wash out the funk, I wandered @ weibo and saw this cap of ChenKun in the upcoming wuxia 3D extravaganza Flying swords at Dragon Inn.  Frankly, my expectation of this being decent, as a movie, is extremely low.  BUT ChenKun as the hottest eunuch EVER, I need to watch:

And DARN, Cdrama/movie world, since YZ is going to shit and puke on my fav wuxia novel of all time Smiling, Proud Warrior, and you peeps LURVE piling on duplicated projects/products, gimme a SPW adaptation with CK as Dongfang Bubai (東方不敗)!!! (only condition: NO Richie Ren).  Never have I thought I'll live to be witness a DongFang Bubai who can MAYBE decent enough for a discussion with Brigitte Lin's but…..that's why I love ChenKun.

Blue Gate Crossing

It's rainy season here again.  Love it,  I missed change in the air…. pleasantly different every time I'm breathing in.

I'm going to rewatch Blue Gate Crossing.  Kwai LunMei is absolutely stunningly good there, I checked the movie out much later, very randomly just coz I was fangirling Cheer Chan..  One of her songs I was addicted to is  the theme song and I find Kwai LunMei's face so refreshing and unique I can't look away:  I think my current crush on Alice Ke is because she has that same refreshing charm and is known as the lil' KwaiLunMei.   And yes, when Bolin was fanchatting @weibo last week, Miss Kwai cutely nudged in.  I was squealing at top of my lungs!  I don't ship anyone in RL other than HongShi, but to see friendship so strong for a decade now.. AWWWW!!!!

Plus, it's impossible to not like Bolin and his character in it.

But most of all I rem I LOVED the movie dearly. the storytelling is so fluid and succinct,  a coming of age story in its little pretty yet understated bubble, maybe only presenting the endearing focused story the director wanted to tell at a very precise pace.  It's a quiet little movie, leaving ripples instead of waves but I have no bad word to rant about it.   It's very memorable how natural they both are on screen,  examples of natural born actors, I don't see them as skillful, lucky perhaps working under an obviously talented director.  These r perfect roles, tailored for them at the very beginning of their career..  It's my fav Bolin work, I'm sure rewatching it will be like opening a time-capsule I've been cherishing and lookin forward to.

An MV of the theme song.  Cheer Chan is one of my fav singersongwriter..  I can't think of more relaxing rainy day music than her lovely voice cooing her soothing tunes.
(Lines spoken r spoilerish and in Chinese)

Eddie Peng’s Jump! A Shin, the BTS that makes me misty eyed


The RL A Shin is the coach for Eddie, his seal of approval: ‘When the movie’s out, I’ll tell ppl it’s myself acting…just with his face painted on mine!’

There are a lot of things going on with this movie that I’ve been anticipating since its production.  Eddie, fr the producer of Monga, theme, plot… and I’m a sucker for story of the little guy and anything that’ll capture a flavor of the place its story is set in.  This will be Yilan, TW.  (I need a trip to TW…it’ll certainly be on itinerary when I next visit Asia! ^^)
I teared up seeing Eddie putting his all training for his role as a gymnast, retelling the RL story of A Shin.   There’s nth hotter than a hot cutie pie working at his craft 120%! Eddie, I love you~!!

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