The Yuan Hong Weekly 9/11/2013

Guys, I know some of you are rightfully concerned about my sanity and how deep the deep end I can go.  Let me tell you, I can always go deeper. MUAHAHAHA!    This is going to be a very silly de-stressing routine here on.  I am still giggling like a lunatic.  Nonstop.  It is 9/11, It has been 12 years.  We can all use a good dose of laughter as life goes on.

Newsbite: Yuan Hong just got cuter.  I’ve now learned the hard way to never click on weibo when I have to be decent, lest I fall off a chair lmao, literally.

[credit on pics; thanks to the dearest OP!]

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Yuan Hong in blue, white, pink, red, cotton, on the floor, in blood, in a taxi, in Old Beijing

My pic: A sweater I bought for my hubs a few months ago.  Trufact.

[All the following pics are from weibo]

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Need a sadddd chuckle or three?

My nomnomnoms, warm beverage, last rays of sun for the day, blankies and my gadgets within hand's reach.  Felt like a P&P kinda afternoon, watched till the infamous, '…you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry!'  Oh the lovely angst on Darcy's face!!! I always love to take a tiny pause here and marinate the pain for a while before things go so satisfyingly up from here on.  It's like adding salt to a slice of watermelon, makes it that much more sweeter!

And prompted by a dearie (you know who u r!) I slurped up every bits of the unfolding *beep* that is DMY.

First lets do a picture litmus test:

Stare at these official stills for 10 seconds each.  Do you wanna…..

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