RL, I’m baacccckkkk.  Squarely at work after sleeping the most sound 10 hrs st post redeye.  Physically feeling the recharging and losing 10 pounds (YAYYYY! and already being the ahjumma I’m, bought new pants online over breakfast, which I already know I’ll grow out of in a few wks*sob*!)

But then, I can’t deny feeling  out of place in where I’m calling home now.  The jolt I felt caught in traffic this morning, which I remember hating like a plague all my life, is alarming.  It reminded me of the slight depression when I didn’t see a living thing, not even a bumper of a car close enough, for the hour long ride back home from airport, at 8pm last night.

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YH, YH wherefore art thou Loverboy?

I had an awesome wkend by the lake.  Hopefully I've burnt off half the fat I've horded over Thanksgivings and make some space for the coming wks of stuffing myself.

Hope the wkend has been eventful all around! ^^

haha actually I just wanted to post this following pic, as usual, the rest is just a big o' lump of rabid fangirl blablabla.

Tell me, who wouldn't fall for a hot talented  ~30 yo actor who not only loves Totoro, but will adorn his body with ALL the Totoroes his fans just gave him while strutting a pose like he's shooting a mag spread, AND is so moved in gratitude he's asked his homie/roomie/bromanceforeverbff to snap and post this with a sincere tweet of thanks! in the middle of the night.

this is a drunk post…

BuBu costumes and the true dress of the time

*credit to a historical fanatic 洛梅笙 and 春梅狐狸@weibo*

I love the costuming of BuBu straightly on the pretty sto my modern eyes and the amazing top notch embroidery work.  The thought and poetry went into the design and detailing makes me weep in joy, but yes, it’s TV and there’s no way it’s historically accurate, at least I don’t really care/know too much for it to bother me, unless it’s so jawdroppingly stupid as in YZ’s Goong.

But it does shock me how ‘time traveling’ and glossed up things are, even in BuBu.

It must be a landmine to navigate, pondering what to wear in those days (and really, seeing ANY paintings and later real photos of days back then, it killed any fancy of time traveling) If I were a Han Chinese, I’ll be heavily influenced by the lingering Ming vogue, yet there must be strict political alterations enforced to adapt as much (or as little) to the Manchurian style.   It’s much more drastic in the guys, but still….there were accounts of girls shaving the more than half bald chic till they are of age *sweating bullets*

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