Long Time No See

It was Friday…

sad with the loss of Bella Yao/姚貝娜.     I will remember, no matter how long have passed, you are still that passionate young lady who wants to get out of a hospital bed of the insatiable want to sing/还是昔日多情的少年.    Voice of an angel, sing on where there are no human pain and sufferings where…

…wings are leaves fallen in heaven.  RIP *pray*

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匆匆那年何以笙箫默 Back in Time My SunShine

匆匆那年/Back in Time is not particularly brilliant nor groundbreaking, I would not call it perfect, but I sat through the drama so enthralled in my nook and dare to count on it delivering a well-done hour every episode and it did, through and through.   This might be the best coming of age romance last few years across all dramalands.

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