The Butt of Jokes

Seriously I wasn’t going to make this a 24/7 Yuan Hong blog, but he is just sooooo distractingly entertaining to fangirl.  Every other day on weibo there’s a YH spaazzzing party going on ruining my life…It’s cutting into my drama time I swear and I’m sadly not having much at all (made 2 bday cakes last few days, one for my DH no less).   OT:  I haven’t watched NG17, 18 and have been hiding in a semi-hole to not get spoiled, nor have ANY ideas of how @#$^&^$#awesome they were other than myTlist complaining MaRu has no socks/hates socks A LOT.  I have no problem with that, coz unlike them, I have seen a min of Full House.  My theory in the odd sanssocks, considering every frame looks frigid and deliciously devoid of any human warmth fig. + lit. in NG, is the shoe sponsors r crankypantsbitches, they won’t allow any piece of product placement within 3 inches of those precious leather objects of theirs.  Anyhow I LOVE NG, LOVELOVELOVE, but I know I’ll be so imbued and impossible to function wanting 19, 20 asap I’d rather exhaust my willpower and watch it in one go.

But yeah, back to Loverboy, who again made himself the subject of a few news article just on his weiboing alone.  And even if you did not look down at my screencap below *what are you?!* and can’t read a word of Chinese, it’s really not hard to guess the gist of what’s going on:

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