What’s up with the BBJX brotherhood?

Smart lads and still ever so tightknit, rather than waiting for whatever TR is up to with the much rattled BBJX2, the princes and RX are off doing their collabs and being as lovely and awesome bromancing each other on weibo. I sincerely hope this brotherhood will last till we are all in nursing homes.

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Idol or Idiot

If you have some minimal fluency in Chinese and is a rabid fandom butterfly, http://weibo.com/idoloridiot is enough for you to brush up the language, go through the hassle of getting on the weibosphere, and I can guarantee on my head you will laugh your heads off and turn yourself into crazy laughing hyenas.  And yes, the weibo is so lovingly titled ‘idol or idiot’ ie it’s the fight for the bragging right of : My Idol is The Loveliest Idiot.

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Reunions? Tang Wei and Hyun Bin + BuBuGang

My girlcrush is in HK promoting Late Autumn with Mr. Writer/PD the other day, it's showing there finally.

The first min is just on the latest open crushing of Tang Wei fr EdisonChen on weibo, he's blatantly shouting out his adoration of her, so is Eason Chan.  It's at 1 min mark when she starts talking about how delightful it is working with binnie.

Reporter: It must be beyond enjoyable working with the immensely popular handsome Mr Hyun Bin (and sharing a hot kiss!)
TangWei:  It's not a matter of it being enjoyable.  I think when the process is as natural as the flow of water downstream and upstream, from high to low and from low to high, progressive, or it's like hiking.  Maybe in the beginning the camaraderie is not there yet, which takes time, and it is difficult to communicate with the language barrier, so we may lack the feeling of everything clicking at first.  But towards the end, we have a deep and mesmerizing chemistry and bond that is hard to describe.

Reporter: …..TW got 9 awards for her performance in the movie thus far.   I wonder if she wants to collaborate with Mr Writer/PD and Hyun Bin again?
TW:  Of course. Ask him (Mr writer/PD)!
(And she went on being cute, asking PD in English in the reporter's place at  2:00 mark)

PD said he's already told Bin he is writing the script for a movie for him and TW.
TW: And what did he reply?!?
PD:  He said 'OK!'
TW:  It's recording!
PD:  I'm writing.


In other news:
Nicky weibo'd a pic of Prince 9 and Prince 14 visiting him on the set.  He's already rejoining Prince 10 in his upcoming Bride with White Hair drama, so in his tweet he lovingly tagged Prince 10, and 13(myYuanHong) ('Where are you~?') and nudging Kevin our Prince8 and ShiShi wishing for a reunion project with all very soon!

And the gang had all responded (exc ShiShi the lazybutt of course), each their very own style:

HanDong (Prince 9): Can't wait! Till we meet again!
Yuan Hong (13): 四哥真好,就你没突点![爱你]另外,灭灭同学可不可以站出来解释一下自己的那顶黑色头盔是怎么个意思?
Bro 4, you are the best, the only one without nips showing  (me: <_< so wanna hit him on the upside of head) OTOH, comrade Lin, can you stand up and explain what's the meaning behind your black helmet you are donning?

Lin GengXin (14): We are very excited!  We have deflected!  (rem in BBJX, 9, 10, 14 r in alliance with 8)

Kevin Cheng (8) in reply to his OTP LGX/14:  Did you deflect because you got excited?  OR are you excited and thus deflect?

Yip Xin (10), always the sweetest, warmest cuddly thing made a collage of them all fr their set of upcoming projects:
齐啦,齐啦!有你们真好!大家都好…  All here, all here!  It's good to have you~!  Everyone is looking good….


Absence makes the HongShi

Just as I'm taking a break from work stuff, I lurked at beloved weibo, and *sigghhhhh* HongShi, why so cute?!?!

So it's Nicky's birthday!  Happy Birthday our Prince4!  Either it's a sheer coincidence or they've coordinated wavelength on top of their coord. outfits and handwarmers and eyewear…etcetcetc, they posted their weibo greetings AT THE EXACT SECOND!! (and I'm just 10 sec short to be present under the exact same moon to swoooooonnnnn)

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BBJX 19,20

I flat out cried and cried and cried and cried. 20 min since I’m done, tears still keep dripping. The acting is leaving me in hives, even LSS. She’s improved fr shied by almost all her costars to holding her very own. These last few, she’s scarily terrific.

But goshhhhhh my Eight!!( and Eight+Mom!!!!) My Thirteen!!! My Four!!!! My RX!!! My LuWu!!!! They r all pulverizing my heart . It was just Eight not long ago that ok dreading on scrn, it’s hurting me sooo bad. LAST I was so messed up was Binnie’s DongSu@FoL19…here I have FIVE in one single ep and the list will only keeps adding.

I’m so depressed. So sooo depressed.