Happy Chinese New Year!!!

It is pictographs of: Dragon, Horse, Sperms and Jesus/God.  haha combined it's an idiom/new year well wishes for great health and lively spirit.

Auspicious wishes Y'all!!  It's lovely to know you, share bits of life, thanks from the bottom of my heart for keeping me company here ^^.  I have a little bug clinging to me still today,  but some very comforting homemade dumplings are lovely comfort food for my soul. Am sharing!!!! ^^

nomnomnom-ing while watching A Bear named Winnie. A TV movie with Fassbender, Suchet/Poirot, Steven Fry and the obviously insanely cute little black bear Winnie.  Story is inspired by the orphaned bear fr Winniepeg circa WW1, it bonded with soldiers en route to war front, later resided in London Zoo, and it's the inspiration for Alan Alexander Milnes's Winnie the Pooh.   It's a perfect, fuzzy little children's movie to watch with children this cold rainy night.  Bear for the toddlers, the perfect dose of Fassbender with a babybear!awwwwwwwww~ when I'm intoxicated under his spell.  We can never have too many animal movies starring very hot dudes.