I’m surprised I liked The Hobbit despite a LOT of grumbles, a lot (I don’t usually sleep/snore in public places but I did in LoTR 1 and 3).  I loved the Hobbit as a 10 year old, but when I read LoTR later, I was already initiated into the world of Louis Cha and I just love all the palpable angst and fantasy wuxialand where the heroes were more believable, often normalfolks than elves and orcs and a true make-belief.  Perhaps I’m just a twisted angsty plot junkie.  So Hobbit will forever be an endearing, lovely children’s book for me.  While I think Peter Jackson does breathtaking PRETTY on screen,  I don’t find him an exciting storyteller at all, I’m consciously aware almost every scene went 5, 10 mins too long without forward momentum except to showcase state of the art high tech whatever.  I HATE 3D still, it had never added anything to my movie theater experiences, not once.  I hate the blur, and the motion is at times too real it’s unnatural or too shaky to tell what’s going on.  Perhaps too old-fashioned to appreciate when I’m too aware I’m seeing a movie, none of it is real and when every frame is visually overloading my brain to go on overdrive befuddled with all these too realistic fallacies,  it takes up my attention to interpret the scene and have my own thoughts on the higher priority:  the storytelling.  As expected, Hobbit1 has an obscene amount of padding, whole scenes invented for the movie, mostly unnecessary.  Fans of Frodo and Saruman can ALWAYS rewatch LoTR ad nauseum if not doing it already.   I don’t think there’s any fan going into the movie to see BC only, but if there is, bring rotten eggs.  But why do I like it?! Two words: RICHARD ARMITAGE.  His awesomeness and pretty does the movie so much good.  For any other slighter actor, those relentless seconds long close-up of posturing, bring-own-wind-machine hair billowing, glowingly lit from the best angle behind treatment of every freaken scene is  a landmine for hamming, not here, every single one of RA’s closeups are perfectly gorgeous yet intensely emotive. *I don’t care if this sounds blabla<3blasqueeeeeblablabla silly fangirl talk*   My memory is failing me, is Thorin EVER described as the Adonis of Dwarfs?!  Not saying others are not doing a good job ( I still am your fan Martin Freeman!) but RA is just tooo sparklingly dashingly gorgeous I’m so distracted from everything else.

Ooku~Tanjou~: What a glorious emotional ride I had.  Thank you!  I get so chock full of emotions every episode and I’m surprised how well it’s acted, or I should say how much every actor’s acting is affecting me.  I’ve just never been so explosively overwhelmed watching a J Historical where things are as pristinely controlled and understated even when plots and lines are so bizarre to our modern foreign ears.  *spoiler:  I mean one of the greatest accomplishment of lady Shogun is to let out most of the guys in Ooku and encourage them to inseminate as many childbearing women in their villages, thus providing the shogunate a future population to rule…and it does make sense!*  I’m a Masato fangirl, so I am weirdly entertained by his obvious hamming, but still there are so many meticulous nuanced touches so befitting the character I have to give him credit where he deserves and EVERY OTP scene= perfection.   But my biggest surprise will be if Tabe doesn’t win an award for her performance here.  She’s the most talented U25 in Japan by such a humongous margin.

Cheongdam Dong Alice 5- I was so curious where this will go after 4 even when a lot of things are bugging me (namely PSH and I’ve not yet let out even a chuckle, not a scene is one bit hilarious for me when I know some scenes are intended to be).  This is the episode crucial for me leaning towards yay or nay.  Sorry MGY, it’s a Nay when I just realized your character takes some sillypill and is clinically retarded for a 28 yo who has romantic relationship experience.  As a fashion designer, the paltry talent  is appalling, not deserving my rooting for you to go anywhere till you’ve worked hard on your profession instead of screaming injustice, brimming with earnest tears, green with envy with things you do not deserve.   I find the Alice/White Rabbit reference tiresome, even though PSH is blindingly White/Albino and can do an imitation of a bizarro chicken (WTH was that ‘letting loose’ chicken-flapping and clucking about?!?!?!?!), but chickens are not rabbits   I stopped at the measuring tape scene because it’s asking old grump me too much to suspend a 28 yo woman would have no cognition the guy has IDEAS, not strictly business at all, esp that could never meet the boss excuse is so LAME.  Furthermore, PSH’s dictionary has no synonyms of the word subtlety, I cringed some more when he’s measuring tape her, which is workplace harassment and has me shrieking EWWWWWWSSSSS.    Finally I flipped my laptop when she is either not knowing he is measuring her body, nor does she think it’s anything odd (which is back to my point this kind of stupidity and ignorant is what I roll eyes at my 28 year olds drama gfs esp they are as talented and intelligent in RL as MGY ).  17 min in, I’ve seen as much close ups of fugly sportscoats, shoes, and pocket squares, whole line of SingSung merchandizes than MGY. <- So unforgivably wrong!

Oh My Addiction(s)!

See that ‘watching’ list on the right?  That’s a big fat lie.  It’s a distant dream of sorta watching HALF and I can’t even make it.  But I did watch 3 on that list last few days. Continue reading “Oh My Addiction(s)!”

Making a list and checking it twice

Updated my current drama list and the Horror!!!  It’s a monster!  In truth, I’ve not kept up with much of anything.  Drama-watching has been so sporadic, never have I experienced being stressed beyond a point to even watch stuff as background noise but I’m there.   Does it make sense blogging/brain dumping about the anomaly is cathartic when I can go watch me some drama instead but somehow my mind can’t even shut down enough for my oldest habit?!  I’m keeping a watching list mostly as a sticky note to self like for groceries.

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