A Chen Kun appreciation Post

DDay T-1.  Tmr, there will be an Occupymookie movemt by a certain crazy6002fanbeast.

So I'm hording pretty nuggets of everything else like a squirrel with her nuts.  Painted Skin: The Resurrection trailer is looking so kickass gorgeous, so much better than the campy trying too hard posters.  ChenKun+ZhouXun+ZhaoWei are reminding us why they r each C cinema's greatest happening megastar, lest we forget. They r not hinting on the fireworks of most awesome 3way chemistry in the movie proper, they r giving it to us every nanosecond of this 2 min trailer in our very face and our eyes know nth else to do but be held captive…. yet what to do when they share the screen?!?!!??!!??! dilemma dilemma dilemma!!!!

Buckled up?