Moonlight Drawn by Clouds 10

Episode Ten, take all my perfect 10s to give, in this puddle of my former self at your feet, Drama-mama, kissing the ground you stirred.

 photo c8736d1agw1f83b1kixapj20m80xcaj3_zpsihib0nvk.jpgI want shoujo, and you are giving me perfection every time any or both halves of OTP is in frame, my sillygrin not rubbing away barking to minions (visual of what work nightmares are made of).  I dreamed I could live the day savoring a sweetest pretty fantasy period romance swooning me off cloud9, rich with veiled finesse subtlety pertaining era without compromise of any silly.  I beg for actors befitting parts and can act, with chemistry, a fluent STORY, all characters on board being sensible, sapient, first.  I want true enough to historical events and figures bending harmoniously with romanticized fantasy.  I want nothing less, but have been making do with one element, or more if lucky, clicking.

And, with MDbC10, I…

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