Now I Am Seriously Offended

WHAT THE FUK IS THAT IMY 14?!?!?!!? * I’m sorry the following is written in 5 min under the influence of intense rage and so much swearing I can’t hear my inner rant monster, so this will be super grammatically challenged and UGLY.  Do not read if you are a protected YSH( or YEH) fan preferring your pretty glass castles of fandom*

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Idol or Idiot

If you have some minimal fluency in Chinese and is a rabid fandom butterfly, is enough for you to brush up the language, go through the hassle of getting on the weibosphere, and I can guarantee on my head you will laugh your heads off and turn yourself into crazy laughing hyenas.  And yes, the weibo is so lovingly titled ‘idol or idiot’ ie it’s the fight for the bragging right of : My Idol is The Loveliest Idiot.

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I Miss You 13? 14?

(I’m sucha perv)

I’ve completely checked out of IMY the drama because of the WTF writing (plus YEH is regressed to a tearing zombie and YSH is such a miscast all my not much left remaining goodwill of him is gone)  BUT I’m nothing but a very shallow person when it comes to my kind of pretty boy *SPOILER!*  smooching and saying things like to hell with your fiance, forget about tomorrow, lets have one night, tonight and…

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You Exist in My Song

It was a mother of storms last night, so loud it’s impossible to sleep.  I ended up live streaming MAMA longer than I wanna, it’s in HK afterall.

And sorry in advance if I’m offending, I was cranky being so tired but can’t sleep wee hours in the morning, I somehow heard some boyband (SHINee?) singing some Mirotic!?  <-my eyes and ears were halfshut and memory is failing me.

It was a cringeworthy show throughout, I know they are all popular big names and I ❤ BigBang (even though I don’t care for their latest songs) but more than half of them can’t sing in tune and gyrating is NOT dancing!!!  And where’s the Performance and Showmanship?!  I guess it’s just too many thinly veiled pant-less crotches I don’t care to see.  I don’t get what EpicHigh was doing paying homage to the Batman Villains coz I’m just too traumatized to be reminded of Heath, and that was after Leslie was so horribly milked and it still hurts a dickens and I have not accepted his passing yet.  I can’t, not even SJK.  And out of nowhere I miss DBSK so much and I’m not even a Cassie:

And I was quite bored most of the show so I ended up playing this fav of mine in repeat: Wanting Qu’s You Exist In My Song.

Then I bumped into this lovely fanvid:

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I Miss You 7

This post is here because I’m (re)watching the ep with my DH last night, not out of loving IMY so much, but because this is some hilarious shiz to him, so to keep myself occupied enough to be an engaging partner and to vent my rants to the right channels, I’m gonna ‘live’ watch here.  FYI, he is: 1) not a Kdrama fan 2) loves to hatewatch bits of Kdrama I’m watching but says the silliest things 3) lurves nth more than making fun of my kdrama fetish.

I’m not nice and he’s not nice + a scatterbrain of a lot of Kmelo machinations.  So fans of IMY, YEH, YSH and Chunface, be warned :X!

[I stole all caps, tonnes of them from IMY baidubar/tumblr.  Thank you OP!]

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The Sheep and the Goats

Oh well, how am I not surprised by now (and super grateful) of my prayers being answered, in hordes.  Thank you thank you TPTB!

I’m not shy to shout out to the world I love all my hotties playing a cop for my fancy, better yet evil twisted baddies in uniform.

Here is Loverboy being ridiculously hot for his role in Devil’s Right Hand:

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