Friday Pretty (and Not So Pretty) Post

Obviously I am very bored and restless now that I have pretty much a clean drama plate except TWO hours a week of Fargo and River’s Edge and my foot is in a cast.  This is depressing.

So this sillyblog has this everything goes coming:

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My Lovely Hyun Bin

My!Namja!!! is back showing face in public and singing and tearing up from overwhelming emotions meeting his adoring fans.  Is there a fanmeet where he does not cry and thus making us all tear up?! :~)  This obviously makes me a dancing singing lunatic and yes, I am singing the song that shan’t be mentioned nor sung.

I hate this song with a passion.  I can’t stand the melody, the words, I do not care for SeGa the drama nor writer Kim (huh.  Understatement) …and that’s all nonsense of course when Binnie is singing it! ^^

All credit on pics.  Thanks to the dearie (re)posters at weibo~!

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Congratulations to the happy newlyweds!

I am speechless with how gorgeous, the epitome of gorgeousness of very good looking actors to begin with on their wedding day with added utter bliss in the mix.  Ahhhhhhh I am thankful for the most gorgeous snaps they share to the world and the genuine glowing happiness spilling out of them is just infectious.

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Life Ruining Things Pursuit of Happiness is Doing to Me: Ep1

You can not believe how lazy a dramafiend I am.  For one, screencapping is so not my thing.  I also am too lazy to dl things now, streaming everything.  I will shamelessly steal when I can get away with it, or even not (sorry original posters! XD) It is mostly ridiculously tedious considering I spend upwards of mins droolzing at a cap (of Tony Yang for one), and when there are hundreds of them and I do not have an editing eye and am a hoarder of all things sparkly…Not far from Hell.
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Last day of September, so long summer!  This post will be a monsoon of pretty men (ie not just Loverboy) and ladies in period costumes, a lot of Loverboy kissing (a girl, not the pretty men), HuGe (and their lovechild jkjk) and a fanboy’s sweet fanletter to MaestroMiyazaki.

Lets start with what YH wrote to Miyazaki in the New Weekly feature (a CN Atlantic-esque current affairs magazine):

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Happy Moon Festival: Bromance Edition

月圓人團圓! ie The Moon is so bright and full, gather your dear ones by your side and life is good!  We can poke fun at the saying 月圓人臀圓 happiness is when our butt is as round 圓 as the moon with the gorging! What is a better mascot of the MOON festival in my silly blog but 老O?!  Had your Moon Festival goodies (mooncake for me)?  Pigged out?  (we are glutting Korean, small party, work, want the visual of a whole glorious table full…thus banchan!)

HongShi hope we’ll give our dear ones lovely thoughts on the auspicious night while we stare adoringly at the moon munching munching nomnomnom: [I sincerely thank all of you, Original Posters, Happy Midautumn to y’all from the bottom of my heart and please just let me keep stealing your lovely cute stuff from weibo MUAKKKKK ]

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The Yuan Hong Weekly 9/11/2013

Guys, I know some of you are rightfully concerned about my sanity and how deep the deep end I can go.  Let me tell you, I can always go deeper. MUAHAHAHA!    This is going to be a very silly de-stressing routine here on.  I am still giggling like a lunatic.  Nonstop.  It is 9/11, It has been 12 years.  We can all use a good dose of laughter as life goes on.

Newsbite: Yuan Hong just got cuter.  I’ve now learned the hard way to never click on weibo when I have to be decent, lest I fall off a chair lmao, literally.

[credit on pics; thanks to the dearest OP!]

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