Friday Pretty: So Close yet So Far

I was in quite a few places in CN the weeks before, I am going to head to upstate NY for work next week, yup all JUST missing Loverboy, we do not have ‘yuan fen’ as the saying goes, he should’ve married me (MUAHAHAHA) but I am what I am, a Yuan fan! XD  He is freshly jetlagging, my old bones, specifically my tummy still refuses to be back in my current time zone and it gives me twisted pleasure we are suffering the same nuisance.   He manages to look ridiculously fine, I could recruit myself in AHS: Freak Show, Walking Dead (so much yucky gore and the lack of satisfaction in good storytelling to offset my poor queasy stomach watching.)  Anyway to calm my nerves with pretty I will droolz on.

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Yuan Hong was PUNKD

There is a variety show called Secretly Greatly, of a format I do not particularly care for, torturing and pushing the buttons of stars taped on hidden camera all in the name of entertaining us through the ‘fun’ pranks.   It is just not my kind of funny.  :/

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Whassup with Yuan Hong, Liu ShiShi and Hu Ge

The trio is hot commodities these days (when are they not on the hotness alone).   YH is busy on the set of Princess JieYou in Beijing, flew to Changsha (how my heart is tied to that city and everything related to it atvm huh?!) for Happy Camp, rumor is he made a stop for SH on the way… then flying back to BJ for Princess JY’s presscon same night.  Flight was delayed late, he somehow traveled through the night and greeted the press on time the morning.   HG just started filming his new C modern youth drama and the hotties are having identical facial hair when I saw the thumbs of their new pics I mistook HG as YH.  SS is also showing face in chic dresses along with her ladyBFF YeQing promoting Brotherhood of Blades and by all accounts seems like a very well-received C period movie with the critics for once.

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Friday Pretty: On the Set of Princess JieYou

I had my expectation in check, I thought, which was quite low tbvh because the Miss writer 徐伊亮 attached is of BuBuJingQing’s fame *CRIES* and even if that was an anomaly, none of her past works look worthy.  PD 路阳 is promising, and the producers are very solid, the studio behind, 中央新闻纪录电影制片厂(Central Studio of News Reels Production)is the most legit documentary producers in CN established since 1953, but writing is definitely what makes or breaks a drama, gorgeous crap is still….crap.   I am going to watch it, of course, beggars can’t be choosers, what YH drama (there are dozen+ of them) that has been done for years and counting was out in the 7 whole months of 2014 so far?!?!?!?!  NONE.


This looks so insanely gorgeous for scenery p0rn alone and these are just grabs from weibo, every single one is wallie quality no tweaking necessary.  Being just a few hours north of Beijing, I am very tempted to visit 多伦草原/Duolun in inner Mongolia next time I am in the vicinity.

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