Da Mo Yao, banned

Hopefully for good and it is not some under the belt publicity stunt (I will never underestimate how low TR nowadays will bend to save some ad pennies).  And I’ve no urge to read any more TongHua, maybe ever.

I saw a distasteful shoddy production when filming, with halfassed production value so glaring for all to see.  It is impossible to be decent.  Flat no chance AT ALL.  If I were the darlings attached, esp the ever improving Eddie, I would sigh a HUGE sigh of relief right now narrowly escaping the public witnessing the blemish on career.  Imo ShiShi is such a miscast for JinYu.  She has nothing of the loud presence on screen to be instantaneously fetching and alluring and attention grabbing and intriguing as what JinYu is claimed to be in the novel.  Lets not take into consideration how I’m rubbed the wrong way with the book.  There is a reason why I would never risk my poking own eyes and spitting brains out watching a YuZit’s poop fearing the stench will forever haunt me.  Like Goong did.   I did not finish DMY, I will never.  I can’t bear to hate TH more.  All my thoughts explained better in an eloquent open letter written by a poster who claimed to be a highschool teacher.

I won’t tell the world I’ve tried reading DMY twice and failed, by dropping it in shock, could not enjoy the book, I should say disgusted because I am turned off by ‘the love is all there is to life, the only meaning of existing at all’ preaching, as this teacher is.  We all know it is not, not even in the lalaland of romance novels.  Western Han dynasty’s accomplishment is crucial in establishing MY ethnicity, and without which…me and my kinsmen would cease to exist, for real.  General Huo was not a saint, ShiMa Qian made a few colorful mentions of him in Shiji that shed him shades of grey, a military genius, a leader, not particularly compassionate, nor sensitive.  He cared little of his troops fighting for him, would not share food with his starving soldiers, to name one.  His mind was firing all gears, all the time for war and strategies and winning.  It was the young years of Western Han, we now know it’s one of the most significant dynasty shaping the course of history in China, but living it, as the young general did, in 100sth BC, was really not for the faint of heart, nor fantasy shoujo land.  To think this young Han military hero, who died at 24 of plague, from biological warfare, led his army to 4 marvelous hard fought wins against the strong XiongNu in the few years he’s The General, ie he’s at the very front line of battlefield most of his adult life since 17, and you are telling me he could spare a thought to heck it all for LURVE.  Not buying a lick of it, sorry no woman would ever worth half of it particularly in this kind of man.

‘匈奴不滅,無以家為也’ ——西漢名將霍去病 from both Shiji and Book of Han ‘XiongNu is not demolished, no home can be made’  This was a quote from General Huo most of us know by heart if schooled in any part of China or Chinese speaking lands.  Well known poems were written about his life through the ages, a favorite Han Chinese patriotic muse.  As the teacher above bombarded, the novel trivialized patriotism, magnified egomania, romanticized love to an indecent degree and glorified elopement and escapism from honor and duty to the abhoring level of it is the most reasonable, noble thing to do, to abandon your duty, your country, in the name of LURVE, pushing it to sanctimony, when we are currently at a dire time and age in mainland society where morals are thrown out of the window to make a quick buck, which is essentially what these ‘writers’ and producers are doing.  By twisting a historical figure’s character till it no longer bears any logic in lieu of romance, it is just disgusting to read.   It negates all the historical records, all the brilliant literature prior *To put it nicely, I do not think TH is close to a brilliant author to hold a candle to her predecessors in her occupation, what she is making money off is picking some well known historical figures and inserting them into a token sweeping romance*.  I am all for novels to take an artistic, creative license, but when it’s done so crudely with no respect and total ambivalence of facts and truths as we know it.  There is a tomb, a mausoleum built for honoring the general’s passing, ie now a tourist magnet, well known historical records of the funeral, the mourning, artifacts for freak’s sake, and TH being a history major herself (REALLY?!?!?!), aggregated to a clusterfuck rubbing me the wrong way every page I turn (I dropped the novel quite soon, I just don’t think JinYu, or any other characters, are constructed with much sincerity or believability) and every spin on the drama adapt.

Of course a little drama, a nonessential romance novel won’t sway a thing in ahjumma me, but I if I were a tween atvm, who on one hand had to learn and memorize profound historical texts and poems on Huo, when there is this instant, easy, gratifying pleasure of a titillating romance novel with bits of soft porn inserted it, and the companion piece of a drama with well known pretty packages, idols glossing things up…… negating everything said in textbooks what will stick?! I think it’s crossed the line, that is why I support the ban of the drama with all my heart, jumping cartwheels as many C netizens are.

*I’m off on vacay and no bandwidth to stream dramas, no InK for spazzy me. but I’m having a lovely time! XD*

Jang Ok Jung 12

Oh, what to do with you drama?!  You have dashed my hopes to be anything good with one definitive episode, and now there are rare intermittent scenes reminiscing your old self.

Then, just when I’m watching you, relatively calm and detached for self-preservation, with only one furrowed brow most of the time, writersshi you decided you couldn’t hold your TAE in.   *TAE has nothing to do with the lovely KTH, think opposite, some form of total, massive explosion of the very unsavory bio kind*

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Well well welll….I may as well be a witch, but things r still  whatthe!fishy to me with that certain drama->RL CP, just to confirm I really have no shipperblood.

While I can understand obsession with PDAs and love declarations to the world, when it comes to actors, it's a much more complicated affair.  I prefer never knowing shit until they r married for their sake.  I don't need to know about RL feelings to enjoy sth more than I should.  There is the relentless rabid fandoms they have to deal with.  Once it's announced to the public, what JHW is ranting about in his lil tweet the other day that this is 'none of anyone else's business' is what?!  There is their image to cultivate with which their career is based upon, esp in Asian dramaland, until you have a very firm footing in the industry when you can make your own calls and people will pay you respect to do the heck you want, but even then, never truly whatever the heck.  Are they that revered yet?!  Last I checked they are 'up and coming', just got their first respectable cult hit and they chose to play their personal life under the public's scrutiny?  Why add-on soo many extra sets of eyes ogling your every move in your private budding romance and make the inevitable physical separation with the upcoming in WEEKS MS even more stressful as is?!!

I don't get it.

That said, I'm happy for them if they are really in love and prioritizing it more than anything else.  It is romantic, but I can't help but be worried for our Romeo and Juliet.  For one thing, they are coming across as irrational and ignorant of their biz.

I'm not sure how to interpret YIN's reaction after JHW's confession even though it's truly none of my/our business.  I didn't think it's a big deal, but her 'non'-reaction to it made my brows raised a little.  Then both their managements refused to comment on sth very straight forward which JHW had make public at an occasion that would ascertain maximum exposure.   It's almost like their managements were shoving gags over their wailing children's mouths in front of my eyes.  But if they were already dating back then, how she reacted was putting her namja in a precarious position for DAYS.  Both their managements were in a scramble for the PR storm hitting them.  IF they started after the confession, while being hopelessly romantic, I see it as career suicide.  From now on is YIN not going to be in any drama/movie involving intense feelings of her character towards her costar's? ie ACT?!!  Because I don't see any reporter not asking the questions, how is it like kissing so and so as opposed to your lovely JHW?  How is it romancing another guy while your own guy is away fr you in MS?  EVERY public appearance from now on till eternity.  So she'll be contented with her personal romance with JHW taking the spotlight from all of her work in the foreseeable future?  I'm not saying people should never fall in love on set/at work, but for their career choice, what is the absolute need to be this public?!  Are there not enough gossip and noise around everything else involving them not work-related already?  Would they love each other less without all the world as bystanders or forced into witnesses?!  I don't think so, right?  Isn't your world only consists of the 2 of you when madly falling in love?!  It cut down on my appreciation of their fine job in QIHM when the crew is now letting it loose chatting they were too good to NOT be real in their kisses and making outs on set. Hmmmm, aren't they actors on a job first and foremost ie that's the gist of their job description to act it out?!  Are they incompetent to do so with their skills and professionalism and everyone can see it's not acting on set?! 

Then there's SportsSeoul, the National Inquirer wannabe,  imo, if SHK/HB's dating news was not 'leaked' by them (I still insist it's per SHK's management permission/plotting, she's been in the biz long enough to not be careful and experienced with these matters and had never been caught redhanded without her knowledge) they have a better chance to make it work, IF that's both parties' intention, that is.  I see SportsSeoul as always a tool for artists' management for PR shows.   I don't think Korea has the paparazzi in the true sense of the word like the rest of the world.  It's all under careful manipulation, tight rein of the big management agencies, and YG is as big a deal as a formidable agency in the industry you can get.  I can't help but see it as their rep striking a 'deal', reached an agreed/ 'wise' decision this is the best way to savage and make the best out of the situation with both parties walking out of it as unscathed as possible.  The pics are staged. Both YIN and JHW must be retarded and mental to not suspect they would be shot if seen in public doing what they are doing in the pics. Lets face it, they are aware the cameras are exactly where, and they choose to display it.  These are not some stolen snaps fr hidden camera, everything is quite well lit and they r the talk of the town CP, they can't have no idea. 

I just see conflict of interests and strangest timing in things transpired to treat it as some pure lofty romantic gestures, never when managements are involved in kdramaland.

2012 resolution #1: quit basic cable TV

BBJX has just started airing on my local TV channel, and so my friends and moms/aunts/grandmas/cousins/nieces of friends r collectively watching it, I'll be shocked it doesn't break ratings for the channel.  It has a 100% hit rate on its demography just on peeps I know alone.  I think we chatted 30 min on BBJX alone at party yesterday, boring the men to their first taste of apocalypse 2012.  Some of my RL friends don't have a clue I'm this huge closeted drama addict, and I'm not going to out myself scaring ppl I'm not close enough with, but when I told them I've watched it live and was a few wks of perpetual sobbing scary mess…I've retold bits of my BBJX experience, ad nauseum, on new year's day.

And now, I'm sitting down tonight and is watching regular TV for the first time in weeks, a random early episode on basic cable with my 2 newly addicted friends over dinner.  It's the arc of making the case of a never meant to be 10RX ship and the budding 8RX (I would firmly stand its 8RL in roleplay) with tiny bits of 4/13 mixed it.


I dunno, since this is a rewatch, the scene progression is imprinted, leaving me too much ample energy to nitpick (my fav thing to do, apparently and am not amused).  I've lost the feeling of liking Nicky's job here, it comes across to me as lots of posing, constipation and sorely lack complicated furballs of conflicting emotions I want to see for his character….I just dun see much under the mono-emotional surface,esp now that I know it's attraction in first sight for him.  LSS looks insanely fatigued in HD, at times her eyes r so puffy and circles so dark I feel so bad for the poor girl, and sorry, in a double take, she's trying too hard most of the time.  I still love my 13. KC, whom I thought did the greatest till the bitter end….is now having an undercurrent of pervie uncle wanting to get in pants of his niece kinda deal.  AND there r cheap sets and CGs everywhere unresolved (I naively thought no freaken way TR is going to SELL it without fixing those jarring booboos)

The experience is made more aggravating with my spoilerphobe friend firm on 13RX is the OTP, love at first sight (yes, the same scene that we're supposed to be the first fateful meeting of 4RX yet it's 13RX/ YHLSS sizzling with chemistry) even when friend is still unable to rem Yuan Hong's name after the 19th time I've mentioned it in one episode.  And her 13RX analysis r so right on, I can't bear to break her shipper heart, coz frankly in rewatch, there is little to nil sexy chemistry btn the OTP.

THEN when I can finally stop holding breath in fear I'll break out the news of the OTP to friend, a commercial is on for a new drama showing an hour earlier starting in a week.  IN TIME WITH YOU!!

SHOOT ME NOW!!!   I'm already getting nonstop eyetwitching on the fact that the same audience that's bombarding me with their new BBJX love will be harassing me with their ITWY obsession and both frenzy will be in a hellish 'synergy',  I LOATHE ITWY!!  It's my worst drama experience in the longest time.  My acting is not good enough to fake niceties when forced to fakecare for ITWY.  One wk is too short to emotionally prepare for my social perfect storm D!O!O!M!

I'm contemplating unsubscribing cable and be obnoxious and refuse good friends over for dinner and hanging out in the foreseeable future.