The Auspicious Day Continues

I kept wondering since yesterday if I were the head of a tabloid, and I have say the luxury of 7 teams of reporters I can dispatch since yesterday, STILL it is not enough to cover half, and we are talking pairs of stars, ie more than a dozen of them, let alone all the editing it takes to squeeze into the allotted pages for easily weeks if not months or years worth of headlines in less than 24 hours.

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I Did a Twirl For Every Squee

This could have been 8 silly posts if I do not feel exactly like a very beat sloth. zzzzzzzzz

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(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

Loverboy has been on quite honorable good boy behavior like a properly raised role model of his motherland last week.  The tragedy and his thoughts with the quake victims must be weighing in.  But that can’t last long, not when he’s around one of his (godzillion) soulmates e.g. BL chum Ray Ma, who is also a fellow social butterfly and a gd buddy with YeQing.  Ma posted the pics he took with both Loverboy and Miss Ye, commenting Loverboy has an enchanting lure (normally describing a breathtaking lady) and Ye is the most manly out of them 3.  Loverboy replied, ‘Who will you pick *a guy as enchanting as a beautiful woman or a lady manlier than 2 dudes* ?  Say it!’  Typical smartassery of my Loverboy.

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Bosco, Ray Ma, Ruby Lin AND YUAN HONG

ALL in one period drama, and Loverboy is already looking ridiculously gorgeous, he’s born to be in every and ALL periods.

Seriously who rocks the combo of period robes and froufrou embroidery and a down jacket fashioned into a harmonious capelet like him?!

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Strange Hero Ijimae 1

TangRen’s ‘forte’ is adaptations with their own spins,  so called ‘fusion periods’.  It’s when their source material is threadbare (Chinese Paladins) or too hefty (LoCH angsty second half) OR when they have to be creative from scratch (Clothing) that they run themselves into walls of trouble.  With Ijimae, it’s the right fit.  We know enough of the tale, so even if TangRen’s writing is not strong in eloquent, sophisticated storytelling,  there is plenty of room to do their flares.  Moreover, they’ve learnt from their mistake, carefully setting a right tone, lapping just enough on the drama plate unlike their last miserable folklore adaption My Little Fairy, that Ariel and HuGe’s first OTP outing IS a piece of turd.  IF this is done by a more resourceful/richer production co, I can guarantee money will pour into an extravagant, visual saturation of grandiose pretty fight after fight in CG galore, taking any realism a cartoon is allowed out of it.  Instead,  we meet  the characters plucked off their everyday lives st fr the streets, our everyday joes with some very spiffy skills.  Less is more.

And OH WALLACE!! I’ve liked his tender, pretty face all along, his acting….is just serviceable though.  That beginning fight club scene, there’s this new never seen fire in his eyes, and  just enough hint on a layer of tragic angst hollowing his soul. 


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