Answer Me, Oppa

***Spoilers from the latest epis, BE WARNED.***

This is a new sensation in my decades of drama fiendom.   A flashback from a happy moment of my life.  Snorkeling, snorting in sea water, in the company of sea turtles, and a lot of Nemo’s pals ie many Dollys, looking up as I am sinking into a magical pool of blue, flickering of sun darting on the surface and my heart dancing along.  I am in between floating and sinking and letting my every pore, every cell assimilate in its new happy place, I forgot breathing, or the notion snorting in sea water is not what nostrils are for, I can taste the salty liquid in the back of my nose, my throat.  SO HAPPY.

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Domesticdiva is SOO not my calling.    I can bake, part is it doesnt involve me handling sharp weaponry, the other part is I love chemistry and food, but that’s about it.  I cut 2 of my own fingers a few days ago almost to the bone,  it’s the most volume of my own blood I’ve seen, the sight after, with blood dripping down my entire arm…is quite fascinating, esp when there’s no pain…yet.

So emergency surgery, stitches and a lot of needle poking and drugs later, I’m mending. muahaha I’m almost back to my own lousy typing speed considering I’m still groggy w/ painkillers w/ 3 semi-functioning RH fingers, thumb, ring and lil.

And still I managed to watch Reply1997 15 yesterday, just not sharing promptly my opinion on it (which is good…)

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Reply 1997 11, 12

In which relationships get more complicated…as in we need to put a definition on it and brace for the bumps.   And things are given away as token of feelings:  hand, rings, coffees, an angsty heart, a red tie and care boxes and packages placed in the upper compartment by a Dad.

I teared up whenever Mom and Dad are on, even when they are being their hilarious selves measuring out SW’s soon to be vacated room, I cried.  Like every Dad, he’ll try to appear normal with their bickering chatter but…gahhh!  I lost it with the bus scene.  T__T HOW do parents let go and send off their child to the known dangerous world?  How did my folks do it?  Especially when all the child is equipped with is the enormous ignorance of all the lurking dangers around every darker corner?  But I guess it is like when our parents witness us taking our first step on our own, all giggly and with the confidence of the world on our little chubby feet….until we fall and wail at the top of our baby lungs.   And even as a small child, we took a mental note, after a few booboos, reddened faces and abundant of tears for show.   The next step will be with a cautiousness not yet known prior, we learned.  Yet we’ll never be that baby who will take the most joyous step without abandonment.

More rambling thoughts and spoilers:

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I have not seen Reply 1997 11, 12

…and I’m about to do my cell under conference table maneuver watching it mute while doing The acting job of my life nodding and be smart and attentive to my boss.

I’ve seen the awesome MV and bts vids, dled the song All For You …NOT helping a thing sating my appetite!!!

I’m not sure what the original source was,  I leeched it off weibo, so read it with a grain of salt or our rose-tinted glasses.

It’s a tidbit of writer Kim that is exactly what is screaming at me watching last few episodes especially.   SW is modeled after writer Kim’s exactly.  She was the most rabid TonyAn fangirl in highschool, nicked Mrs. An.   She had sobbed and wished upon the stars to meet her Oppa at Tony’s doorstep.  Many scenes experienced by SW were exactly scenes out of writer’s life.   That is why the script is so terrifically real esp for HOT’s fans back then.  The fan raincoats, the banners…are writer Kim’s personal collectables when she’s a Fanclub member, she even went to the extreme of asking for fangoods from friends to fill up every corner of AM1997.
I think the following caps are spoilerish.  I’m tiding myself over with subtle spoilerpics I know nth about the context nor the captions/lines.  I’m just gonna stare at them and wander off in AM1997 lalaland.  Don’t spoil more if you know the exact scene and what’s going on! 😉

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My Drama Plate

It’s truly a jumble.

Answer Me/Reply 1997 (of course)

This is the show captivating me atm.  Almost perfectly written……IF the whole who’s the daddy dragged on a minute longer, I would be slightly batty, but once the cutest baby samoyed appears, ALL (as in a tiny restlessness in my seat, tiny… is forgotten).  Just to add that cutest white tiny furball is always around the vicinity of YJ, JH, SiWon, SW’s dad and mom, all in all my favorite characters on my screen.  Every detail is written with a lot of TLC, directed with a precision to come across effortlessly real, we can sit back, all the heavy-lifting done, and enjoy a lovely trip with the characters down memory lane, guaranteed.  There is always a scene or two more perfect than I can expect, it can be a little VO here or there, a look ever so subtle and real, or SW+SW’s dad exchanging a quip or 2, or the earth-shattering all-consuming fandom through the lens of an 17/18 yo.  I’ve never seen the solidly good veteran Sung DongIl as absolutely terrific.  And it’s a treat most of his scene he’s bouncing off the other 2 most outstanding actors in a truly well-acted drama, Lee IlHwa (Mom) and the most pleasant surprise of all: EunJi.  I know nth of AMiss, but if I have a vote, please keep acting in good stuff big or small, we can find another idolpopstarlet easy, but this amount of natural acting talent, I can’t rem when anyone has come close for a long while.  Clearly a natural, I’ve never seen a newb so seamless in front of the camera.  I’m sworn in as a fan, if she’s in anything decent in the future, MUST WATCH!

It’s not I don’t have a character I don’t really care about (TW), or plot that’s not too interesting to me (again involving TW), but it fits in the great big picture of the Drama and I’m appreciative of it.

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Pausing my Reply 1997 for a SQUEEEEE and some silly personal anecdote

This happens much later …in ep8. Cuter things?  NONE! [fr tumblr]


*Spoilersssss, not too bad, but…SPOILERS*

I’m 15 mins into ep7.  I’ve only spent a bit more than 3 hrs with these characters and they are already soooo darling and close and cerebral to me…I want to know EVERYTHING about them.  I already get more than I can ever bargain for imagine essaying…. but every turn, we know more of their 30sth selves, and gosh I’m screaming TELL ME! TELL ME MORE when they r 18, 33, 24, 28, 38…MORE.  I’m still enthralled in absolute AWWWWWW how real every single moment EunJi’s ShiWon is and how much I love some certainly lady writers my age that should be my bff or twin IF Saturi and Cantonese r communicable.  She is obviously sooo passionate about her teen years and all things magical about that period as trivial as they may be….but tiny perfect little bubbles of innocence never left us even after they’ve burst.

I can so relate with every emotion, every little minute happening but of her whole existence SW is going through, EVERYThiNG.   And I’m pausing now because SW wrote some slashy fanfic, hilarious even fr the parts I can make sense of.  She has a fanfollowing in her classmates, who can’t wait for the next juicy chapter…and is caught red-handed, undergoing detention of sorts. Of course Teacher is more amused reading, that any ‘disciplining’ is out the window, haha truth be told he’s threatened by our itsy feisty heroine of certain death if he lets any of this out and near the ears of her fam.  Teacher then got a lightbulb moment to her ticket to college…by entering a writing contest!!!!  GOSHHHH this is sooo delicious and meta!  This IS the magic dust of truth….of what sparked lady writer writing this gem and it must be more dear and personal to her than we’ve previously known of prior to this point!  She must’ve got a turning point in life of her calling in 1997, to be a writer…and this drama is her heartfelt Reply to it.


I didn’t rabidly fall for an idol in my teen years as hopelessly as SW, I didn’t get last place in class and seemingly no career path after HS and not a care about it because life’s goal is to be Mrs. Idol….. but I did write silly fanfics!!!!  And there’s the childish, no regard of consequences things I did like writing scifiwuxia novellas (yup the most seminal genre is scifi-wuxia in my little made-up literati world then), on mundane essay topics of what one aspire to be when one grows up (yeah we had THE cheesiest composition topics which we’re forced to sit through 3 periods of and at the end of it, spun out a 4 page essay to be graded.  That was 5 years of my sad schooling).  I wrote 10 pages that time, totally had the juices flowing, thought it was my best writing to date still..  My teacher….thought it was the most elaborate piece of stinkiest turd.  She gave a lecture next wk, handing us back our graded work, I got the only failing grade out of the whole class, and she went on jabbing EVERYTHING and only everything I wrote, posted it on the noticeboard for all to tease at, as a what NOT to write and absolutely wasting her time reading.  I was so humiliated, sad and furious, white-knuckle shaking.  After the week of utmost humiliation of walking by MY ‘masterpiece’, I carefully took it down, pulled an all-nighter editing the hell out of it, sent it to a few reputable newspapers with columns of weekly writing contest, posting winning entries every Sunday and will pay a decent sum of $ IF published.  I’ve never been the least confident in anything I wrote (duh) but triggered by the all-consuming Rage! I did it, with the grandiose out of nowhere it would certainly be published and I would get my sweet revenge.  And it did.  I cut out the clipping and magic-glued it permanently on that piece of cork noticeboard as a big fat F!U TeacherwithNOtaste.  I was paid $500 HKD, ie ~$70 USD, and treated my whole year egg tarts.  It stayed there on the noticeboard that whole year.  I’ve never been cooler in my life.

OK, I’m craving some eggtarts now, but more urgently, back to drama!!!!


Other than a dud or 2 promptly kicked off the curb, it’s been 8 months straight of lovely things I’m watching, even if fewer to come by, catching my eye has become a formula of sorts equating awesomesauce on drama’s own merits. I guess I’m finally wiser, maybe it does correlate with getting older and can hold off my nosiness checking out everything that is ‘raved’ upon and revert to whether my interest was piqued from the get go based on …6th sense? gut? Knowing myself better and being less tolerant? I do have to thank a few dearTweeps for majorly Pimping CrackofPerfection, recs like ILICDD, but most crucially, it’s exactly the type of drama I gravitate towards.

Anyway, my lucky streak continues, it seems. 🙂

Answer to 1997 is Cute instantaneously, everything is spot on real and sassy. You can tell from the get-go things can only get better when we spend more time with the characters…they r all effortlessly real and charming in their own way without trying to please because most noticeable positive: the writer is writing this with every ounce of heart and love in her.  It goes from me squeeing Cute! Oh I had and did that, that, that and THAT!  and served a nostalgia galore buffet…then things get tighter, being 18 yos in 1997 is…dare I shout it, my gen. every tiny details r hitting home runs even when I know scantily little of Kpop/Kdrama circa 1997.  I know I’m missing quite a lot of lovely references but the genuine emotion it evokes…I’m getting all the tingles. The Oppas r real and they only occupy our whole being when we r at that certain age of puppies, unicorns and hormones. I’m sure the ~18yos of 2012, or anyone who’s been a teenager once, will find it speaking his or her exact vocab as well because the situations, the growing pains r all the freaken same and dealt with so much honesty and care.  I finished all the available eps last night, and as with every addiction, it again ups its ante, hitting way too close to home and I out-cried our girl ShiWon. Not easy a feat, but I did.
I love everything about it, down to the shouty match in Saturi…it had a ring of Sat pm in Women’s market MongKok HK to me,  the perfect cuppa to tide me over my glorious CDD addiction. *<-No it’s not calming down, I’m afraid.*

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