Ripley, final musings.

Ripley, DONE!  It's not bad overall but it's not gripping me at all most of 15, 16. I still love that powerful YH+YoungMR mirage scene to death.  I want redemption for MiRi with some caveats.  It's nice she paid her dues (legally) and got a fresh start.  But to completely win me dramawise, she'll have to stand up and man up to her own crimes and lies instead of playing victim almost to the very end.  Yes, You had a tough miserable existence for 20 years, girlfriend, You have the right to lash it all out on ur despicable Mother, but Don't fake you don't know, you are very aware many of your decisions are LIES esp initially.   I saw your glint and you know what you are doing, I got lethargic seeing MR playing HUGEST victim of all and put the blame on everyone else and didn't really own up to her own decision making.  I REALLY hate how she treated MH, he needs a spine and a set of real balls but that doesn't make it right MR just lets him be pooped, entirely for her sake just with a whimper of 'I'm sorry, very much so.'  I saw MH as paving the road to her reformation, sparking that notion of 'is that love?!' in her psyche, what they had is not love in the highest order, purest romantic sense, but he did love her, as shallow and for the sake of rolling in the sheets as it was.   He's the one I saw starting it all, not YH.  What YH had with MR is more compatible and closer to the real deal but without MH softening her up, I dun see MR able to develop any genuine feelings for YH, which she has some, but still hasn't reached my romantic notion of love.

And I'm still batty over HJ totally reduced to less than a humidifier in most of the second half.  Come on, those nameless coworkers at Mondo has more silly lines than her.  That whole MR guilttrip HJ is a lot of ho hum bullcrap, HJ is also an orphan, and just so she's adopted by caring grownups, this is out of her control, she studied her way through ToDai, and for HJ buying ALL of it and stayed in limbo…meh!!! I would be grander if operation rescueMR had a friendship element to it other than the grand romantic power of LOVE fr a man, the core of MR's transformation.  It's too knight in shining armor rescuing damsel.   And in my head, MH can be utilized way better in a daddy long legs way, even the savior complex can be done more intelligently.  I expected him to aid MR not in the stupid sacrificial martyr way but through shrewd business savvy loopholes.  He's oddly un-resourceful for someone his station.

As I didnt see MR/YH able to completely move past their history of deceit as is,  this is a perfect ending for me.  A year later, MR gets her fresh start, she has a real gf in HJ, she's still young and learnt her lessons in love the hard way.  I'm rather hopeful she'll meet her OTP down the road, starting fr an absolutely honest slate.  It may even be a grown up YH…but he needs to take care of his own daddy/stepmom issues and reach a new calm normal family dynamic first.  I'm very lenient with my fauxcest, I have a sense YH is as well, they didn't grow up together, they are not blood related, nth illegal there.

I just don't think YH will be happy with MR in the long run.  I'm still not sure what was the hook that got him so obsessed with MR to begin with since I an anti love-at-first-sight and the birthMom fancy/lookalike is creepily Oedipal for me, he had a lot of thought on that esp in crisis and still nth substantial and I don't see them bonding as their true selves.  Stepmom treated him civilly well, no blunt trauma there, doucheDad is totally loving towards him. I think his love for MR has been too damaged and ungrounded to savage esp if he compared what they had, how innocently innocuous his take on romance was preMR and I don't see much of a foundation enough to withstand the cracks of time.

This is minor, but bug the HELL out of me that pedopimp is romanticized to almost saintly so very much in last arc.  What the hell is going on for a hospital to allow some stranger, the patient's assailant to be honest to walk in and out freely AND PLAYED SOME MAGIC FLUTE?!?!  *hurllllll DESK*

I would still prefer an actress with a much more understated style than LDH, I know it's me and not a prob;em for 99% of Ripley viewers.  She's fine in the high strung explosive scenes, but her OTT switch can't be turned off and I find it distracting and actually taking me out of the drama when it's so unconvincing to me she's fooling every character in sight.   I don't know what curriculum they teach in the ToDai or for an MD, but I thought psych 101 is easy peasy a leisurely read just to spot the obvious lyingliarwholies esp those gasping, jumpily do eye somersaults of OMO! and glaring at her own freaken lies?!?!  Many times I got MR was STUNNED mostly by her own lame lies that she'll scoff and rofl at in a less dire circumstances fooled alllllll them fools.

Ripley 9: ‘sorry…I’ve never loved you.’

This drama has never toppled over to love for me.  I’ve to admit I’m too unromantic to watch sth as ‘oldschool’ as Ripley.  I’m agreeing with the major plotpoints and pace, no complaints of our quadrant of love both in the acting and the general characterization, but how it’s executed by writer is so juvenile and silly. ep9 is getting me majorly batty almost the entire first half.

1. I can’t picture 2 dudes, 2 hoteliers at that, 2 business partners and so forth, having the time of the day in the afternoon to go shop for rings and sit down at coffee shop pouring hearts, blushing over their respective romances (with the same woman, but they dont know that).  I don’t know straight guys who barely know each other personally will do that. OR are they feeling each other out, double entendre-ing on their budding bromance?!?!?!??!?!??!?!

2. Miri as some lecturer.   Is a goddess cocktail dress, the dress code for a lecturer in Korea?!  And those male AND female students praising her pretty to no end loudly and in unison (why the freck should that cross minds in EVERY one of them?!).  And she tore up her notes then asked a couple to come up the stage and kiss, called it a day AND got UNANIMOUS applause for THAT?!  I mean there’s not even one b8tchy b8tch like me in the class who would’ve turned blind by ALL the eyerolling?!?! What exactly is so winning about the lecture proper for the applause and do they CLAP for realz after some lecture at college in RL?!?!  If I were there, I would be shellshocked at all the WTFness all around, and will wonder are my fellow students all the silliest shoujo fiends that think they r starring in some shoujo manga fluff that can’t get enough of any kiss anytime anyday to solve any sticky ‘plot’?!??!?!?!

3. AND some prof (whose day job is to lecture, I suppose) is ALSO enamored by MR’s ‘lecture’.  W!T!F!!!!??!?!

4.  ANDDDD MH and his ahjusshi homies have to praise MR some more on her ‘terrific’ job on ‘lecturing’  but mostly her gorgeousness.  I want to poke my eyeballs and eardrums.  OH PLEASEEEE, although I’m not of the male sex, but I’m offended as a fellow human beings in their place that just coz MR is pretty on the eyes EVERY FREAKING BODY is reduced to this lvl of shallowness in the academic field.  Since this is basing itself off a RL story of a con lady, I didnt know if the scammer is using purely her physical beauty and nth else.  IF that’s the case, I lament our poor crazily superficial society!

5. That humongous load of stale CHEESE that is the YH proposal.  *CRINGE*  Why is there a slideshow of EVERY moment they spent together?!  IF MR has some of her streetsmarts still in her, won’t that all scream scary stalker, private investigator hawking on her every move by this chaebol prince/stalker??!?!?!  And YooChunie can sing and play piano live decently, why r they playing a recording?!  It totally regressed it to sth synthetic and fake and a disjoint fr his YH belting wholeheartedly out a serenade and looking longingly puppyeyed at his MR.

6.  I can BE convinced things going as rocket speed as a YH proposal, but really those ‘reasons’ u r trying to convince a skeptical MR is sooo failing lame, YH.  AT least kiss her breath away coz ur words r sickly saccharine and emptily fluffy in sync with sth ripped off a lame shoujo manga and no way I’m buying a MR buying it if I’m loling like a hyena.  Because, really ~30 yos getting married without even the urge of one passionate smooch in our day/age is one fat lie/joke/honey he’s gay.

7. Silliness aside, but really… I dun see real concrete romance btn MR and YH.  MR is clearly having feelings towards Ahjusshi, hence all the angsting tearing in real heartpain beautifully played out by LDH and puppy is just meal ticket extraordinaire. What YH has towards MR is 99% pity of her hardships and loneliness he knows of or witnessed and lust/ sexist domination disguised as  noble knight in shining armor I’ll RESCUE YOUUUU, DAMSEL!!  ARGH….My head hurts.

8. MR has lost her brains, is she OUT OF HER MIND wearing that love band at work when she’s bound to bump into MH?!?!?  Either cut if off clean, don’t slice my ahjusshi’s heart like that, b8tch!

preview and some drama doom

Ripley 9:

SHHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!  THEYYYYY KNOWWWW!!! It’s nth unexpected, but I was expecting it to drag out at least a few eps.  And I dunno why I still wanna see it all unravel every step of the way although I’m not really that engaged w/ drama after I’ve stopped rooting for MR to get whatever she wants.  hmmm, I hope we get to really see MR liking YH the person a tiny bit instead of seeing a walking ka-ching, coz I genuinely felt if only talking about matters of heart, she’s leaning more MH>YH last episode.

And arghhhhh, I’m hiding in my little secret closet watching MarryMe! (still), very very very slowly, and strictly the OTP scenes…and  I can already sniff the doom still miles away.  me think. 

spoiler vids and ramblings…

Ripley 7, lost again in the shipping, WTH?!

What is going on?!  I enjoyed HJ the least in the first couple episodes, but then this ep, I’m only tugged by her every scene.  She brings out normal human emotions in our Miri, I feel for BOTH of them whenever they are by themselves.

Her scenes with YH are the best of the ep for me, gosh that scene at the Church/orphanage:

*sob* KHJ is soooo amazing! Sweetie, YH’s bestie/your oppa is VERY cute and caring and wayyy sharper in romance, just nudging! 

I can’t even follow all my switches in shippings and it’s only 7 eps in!

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Quickie on Ripley 5

I like this ep a lot.  Stuff that’s bugging me is much toned down and plot thickens…somewhat to my expectation.  BUT…

I didn’t expect them ‘boating’ sooo soon.  And I’ve never been this WRONG with the OTP.

I really did see a lot of bonding and deeper understanding btn the MH/Miri fr the first 2 eps,  and my surprise is not in the OTP I’m currently shipping, though usu I’m quite aligned with the writer, but with such an early ‘boating’, I declare the MH/Miri ship official Titanic’d.  There’ll be nth to plot around if they r the OTP.  So this might be a rare Kdrama where the dude who kissed AND boated the girl first is not getting Girl.  I’m also loving Miri turning further into a complete conniving bitch, worming her way around the ppl surrounding her without any more care than herself now.  Gone is the Miri that is still too jittery and have a bit of concern/decency for others in previous eps.  Now she’s got a taste of the delicious power of success, she’s ready to kill puppies for anything she wants.

YooChun has stepped by his game, he’s not 100%, but his scene by the grave tugged my heartstrings.  My poor puppy!

This is giving me serious WHIB vibe, this ep.  ME LIKEY!!!

Now I want:
1. Miri to fall for YH hard, not just coz he’s cute, young, rich, competent, chaebol….. but really really fall for him despite it all, giving her heart out.
2. YH will not be as blinded to her scheming as Ahjusshi, and after the initial cloud 9, his walls will be up, past will haunt…etcetcetc….plus HJ will continue to be his ‘Guy2’ and he is aware of her loving him all tenderly.
3. Time will make YH/Miri into the OTP per writer’s intention she solidly hinted in 5.  That needs them through tonnes of blood and tears and real meaty getting to know the REAL Miri and be alive at the other end.
4.  Then hit us all with the fauxcest.


Ripley 5, 6 spoilers (I


Confession, I’m kinda interested in Ripley still, I do like what’s going on even with my balls and balls of rants.  But it’s not rabid, I doubt it ever will be( I can’t rem what days it’s on top of head).  And in cases as such, I don’t really mind spoiling myself rotten.  I think the writer is still very crude in her delivery of good ideas and I doubt this will really tip over to SURPRISE! edge of seat/nail biting territory for me.

Cassies (or spec 6002 fans) I’m following at weibo has ep5 trailer, ep6 synopsis and every discussion out! and I clicked.
OMO!!! OMOOO!!!!!

So when is Ripley on again?!?!  whenever it is, I need that day to come after my shuteye!!!

 LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE the trailer, it’s giving me exactly what I want. YUMMM!
I’m cold and mean. I want to see YH very ridiculously happy and sweet and CUTE now since I know huge rocks will fall on the sweetie.  The happier a pup he is now, the more delish the ANGST.  

And so our puppy with a very likely cold, mean streak is rolling on his bed being cuter than ever after scoring Miri’s #.  kekeke
and I’m soooo loving Miri is put to use for a promo,  she’s BORN to fake smile and pose!  And just give her more blatant chances to flash her smiles at MH, for work!! LOLZ
And yes, pretty cast, just keep going to balls and presscons, speeches and all the highend soirees, I really don’t mind both the guys in tuxtux and more tux.

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Ripley 4, my own little dilemma

I tried the ep out, and the bugging started minutes in, going down smoother with the eyecandy1 YooHyun and eyecandy2 YH’s wingman being cute and sweet and caring and a bit more than friendly towards each other and I love them more not losing the patience with HJ. Them sharing CP spillage of wet shirts fr our natural human walking hazardous disaster HJ (and yes, she’s bugging me) is icing on cakes.

Yup, even after soapy dirty waterbath fr HJ, he looks at his bff eyecandy2 lovingly like that before he nurses the kluz’s wound…in a lovely tux.

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Ripley 3 Rant

Highlight of the ep: THIS!

Csub is telling my eyes Yutaka’s whole name is Yutaka Takenouchi!!!!!!! O MY FOREVER J CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMO!! I went back and rewatched and YUP! HE SAID HIS NAME IS YUTAKA TAKENOUCHI, NO?! Y the serendipity?!  Why the WHY is my fandoms always always marrying and giving me offsprings that r soo pushing me off the edge of maximum squeeee?! Please don’t make 6002 any more CUTE for me please, I’m weak and gullible.  More importantly,  I need to stop watching Ripley.

I took a massive break, breathed and vented and distracted myself doing chores before finishing the episode after the 52:29 mark. WTF, writer?!?!?

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