You Exist in My Song

It was a mother of storms last night, so loud it’s impossible to sleep.  I ended up live streaming MAMA longer than I wanna, it’s in HK afterall.

And sorry in advance if I’m offending, I was cranky being so tired but can’t sleep wee hours in the morning, I somehow heard some boyband (SHINee?) singing some Mirotic!?  <-my eyes and ears were halfshut and memory is failing me.

It was a cringeworthy show throughout, I know they are all popular big names and I ❤ BigBang (even though I don’t care for their latest songs) but more than half of them can’t sing in tune and gyrating is NOT dancing!!!  And where’s the Performance and Showmanship?!  I guess it’s just too many thinly veiled pant-less crotches I don’t care to see.  I don’t get what EpicHigh was doing paying homage to the Batman Villains coz I’m just too traumatized to be reminded of Heath, and that was after Leslie was so horribly milked and it still hurts a dickens and I have not accepted his passing yet.  I can’t, not even SJK.  And out of nowhere I miss DBSK so much and I’m not even a Cassie:

And I was quite bored most of the show so I ended up playing this fav of mine in repeat: Wanting Qu’s You Exist In My Song.

Then I bumped into this lovely fanvid:

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Rooftop Prince pimping for LV diehards

Oh my precious~!  How I’ve missed ya~!

Long Vacation is my first ever dramacrack, it was a back to back to back to back addiction lasting weeks in college.   A guy got me an identical bouncy sparkling emerald ball, told me he drove several trips across the border to finally get it at a gashapon.  I believed him, was a smitten girl.  I still have it somewhere, the glitter is almost all gone, so horrible of me I can’t even rem the face of the boy.  I did throw it fr the top of my stairs when I moved in and found it sorting through stuff just to see if it’ll still bounce, it fell way short of my reach, not that I had ever caught it the LV way.  I rem shuffling through the moving boxes, care for nth but find my LV and marathon away.

Now and again, I will have my moments of wanting to do nth but veg and rewatch Long Vacation.  There are always random triggers that tug my heartstrings oh so similar, sounding off a resonance, things starting to tingle like that first ever flailing over a drama converting me into the addict I am today.

I should be packing for vacay and my laundry is not even sorted to be washed.   There r only 2 things, none constructive, I wanna do: rewatch the 6002only RP12 cut, or dig out my LV dvd.  Rooftop Prince, I would never have thought u could ever be a life-ruiner.  It started out being the best fit: I have no capacity to go intensely rabid.  It’s cute, but nth of a commitment. It’s not crack but animal crackers I can mindlessly snack on.  The right drama at the right time.  Then sth hits me at end of 5.

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Rooftop Prince 12


There can not be enough OMG!! Where did that madskill come from Chunnie?!?! for every little thing he did that end scene kiss alone.

But I’ll forever cherish this ep as the first romantic ‘date’ of OTP. * drowning in happy tears~*  I love it’s not overtly thought out by the characters, we get little nuggets of sweet surprises every step of the way just like our darlings are experiencing along.  I keep comparing it to the SamSoon/SamShik fanservice ep14 date.  I was not too amused tbh with Samsoon armed with ample planning and checklist of embarrassing PDAs. Watching Samshik suffering through it even if willing and deserving the abuse,  I cringed. And I’m a rabid Soon-Shik shipper.  Our RP achy hearts poor things are in no position to lay plans, but as the delightful night progresses it’s clear they naturally enjoy each other’s company, very aware of the other’s every twitch even if we r owed one fessing up of love declaration at that pt.  I love they so easily ease back to their own rhythm of cute bickering, lovers tiny quarrels and unconscious earnest loveydoveys.  After all the angst they stay true to themselves.  I’m surprised it’s so packed full of OTP numminess. I can’t think of a more successful impromptu star-crossed first date.

One should never underestimate our Princey in the cooing ParkHa department, for what he is lacking in our 2012 commoner’s sensibilities, plus never the brainiac, his has Game, specifically when it concerns anything ParkHa (chant: OTP! OTP! OTP!).  I need a play by play of Princey slamdunking in the romance dept:
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Lil thoughts on Rooftop Prince 11, HUGE squeeing over 4 future RP12 seconds.

RL stuff happening, took me several breaks before I can finally finish the angst-filled ep.  The ep has no laughs, no spilling and spitting of beverages my end, a lot of ParkHa tears.  Not very welcomed sights.  Enjoyable?!  Nope.   I do miss the zany, the cute, the lolz, but it's not that we don't see it's not going to be smooth sailing lovey dovey as cute as end of 10 was.  BUT at least the princey is extremely aware of ParkHa's feelings, every second of the ep and didn't go the super dumb route of harping any SeNashiz. At least it's telling me he has no space of SeNa in his heart actually,  with how he's only mildly enthused with all the SeNa advances (URGH!), and as his delivery of lemons to ParkHa is ultimately all out of care and concern for her own good.  It is an lazy ep in some ways, but at least it's not headdesky nonsensical.  This has never been a perfecto drama fr ep1, we know the deal by now, and zooming in things I care (strictly OTP and the ducklings) there r some very romantic heartachy scenes I'm lapping up.  I liked the ep better than I expected even knowing I'll get nth that's the bread and butter of show.  Of course that's mainly due to I quickly follow 11 with ep12's preview.


more spoilers…

Rooftop Prince 6

ZOMG , this is the best RP episode yet!!!  Story is tighter than ever! The laughs r back at full force!  The other 3 hotcutiepies r given their own little vignettes!  Princey/PYC is totally killing all fangirls with his brand of Chunface GorgeousCuteness!!  THEY ARE IN SUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *although I'll admit I miss RedGreenYellowBlue Tracksuits*

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