The official MV of 楚汉传奇/Legend of Chu and Han is out:

Three Kingdom is the last Cdrama I’ve watched that wow’d me with awesome every possible way, elevating PD GaoXiXi to the pedestal of Can’tDoNoWrong, esp in a historical.  While his choice of actresses is always questionable,  and I’m always wondering what does he see in Peter Ho talent-wise when the talent pool at his disposal is as deep?!  Minor misgivings in Three Kingdom’s case when drama is doing justice on all the important fronts to a piece of classic literature very dear to me (even casting Peter as the buffoonish peacock of a warrior works).

I don’t like much if any of this ChuHan MV though.  Argh.  What is causing me a great deal of pain?

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Wallowing the deep end of addiction, I’ll bring the silly shallow me out to air.   I’m too rattled emotionally by Let Me Look At You.  Puppies, unicorns and rainbows… I’ll be staring at them for the rest of the wk for sanity’s sake.  Or equivalent.  There’s nth a pretty picspam can’t cure.

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It’s grand taste to seriously love Office Girls (and chocolate cakes!)

I've been babysitting most of last week, what an experience.  I hope the child is enlightened with the following nuggets of wisdom: age is a mere number more puzzling than π;  Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader can be pitched as a killer funnier crappier reality show casting Aunt (moi) and herself;  she's not too old to WANT! a dino plush, nor is her aunt; chocolate cake for dinner can be followed by chocolate icecream for dessert and finished by a cuppa hot chocolate as nitecap; Office Girls is the best drama ever and has higher priority than homework.  Deep thoughts aside, I'm procrastinating on presentation 7am and I'm still playing with Venn diagrams with not one constructive word on page written

I WAS planning of drawing some bright happy useful charts myself for work, splashing all colors of a rainbow every chance I could to spice up boring layouts, I ended up forwarding these to friends and family:

I vividly remember Loverboy responding to this Men VennDiag claiming he's somewhere in the white space. Such a lovely creature.

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In Time With You: As if I need more proof I’m a heterosexual

*SIGH*  I hate to be so weird, but I don't like it, and it makes me doubletriple sad I think Ariel is not the best fit and performing the worst out of the cast.  I can't engage coz I don't feel it's organic when typically this type of drama is absolutely my thing…and *SSIGH* tbh, I feel the drama veers towards pretentiousness and everything is too scripted/forced.  Some speeches r too preachy, sappy and hammering too hard the point for me, and I wander off.  I tried very hard to love it and not nitpick, but I just can't lie to myself.  It's very clear and well thought out every step of way what we audience should feel for every line and every scene,  it's full of dedication and hard work, but tried as I might , as hard as the drama and Ariel are trying tooooooooo hard to sell it to me, it fails to click with me.   As far as hitting the big 3-0 dramaladies r concerned this feels so much like DalJa (bugged me at the first sight, scared me running after couple eps with the pretentiousness every second of it) vs KimSamSoon (my forever dramaBFF)

I don't need to have my heroines likeable, I love them more being flawed and ordinary (case in point, KSS), but Ariel is giving me the thought I've overrated her as an actress, and every additional scene in ITWY, I can't shake it off.  She's exaggerating every emotion and it snaps me out believing any of the dilemma the BIGDEAL 3-0 entails as real as the issues at play should be.  That and also she's still much more convincing playing a highschooler or in college than her real age. Unless her character has multiple personalities, how she's switching fr being this (we're told) feisty middle management lady to one with an IQ and EQ of an entitled princess-complexed 16 yo, affected, provoked and acting out by a youngling chatting her hearts out in an elevator (which frankly is not most polite but really not outrageously offensive, I cringed at finding Ariel the offensive/rude/bratty/overboard one), silly but harmless friendly emails and making a big deal out of every tiny thing.  I just felt her characterization disjointed and all over the place without being better laid-out. So yes, her character annoys me unintentionally, but not so much I'm 'amused'.  Ariel is extremely competent in role playing characters remote from reality (wuxia, period fantasy, manga…) but for sth a bit more slice of life, she's bugging me to no end with how aware and conscious of her 'acting', it may work in a play, but NOT for TV, not this drama at least.  I felt every bit of her overacting and her character feels like in a constant make believe she's trying hard to convince even herself but even she is wavering when saying every word and acting out every expression.  She's been in lousier productions, way more out of this world characters, but here for a character that is typical, she made it caricature.  The OTT is so jarring esp when she's with Bolin, who is pinch perfect AWESOME. Objectively his character is of course so much more likable a doting loyal puppy, the caring BFF in love with our heroine, but still, it's to his credit he didn't overdo it to boring.  His character feels natural and real to me, I just don't get what he really sees in Ariel's character esp when she's shoving him away at the most appropriate hinting.

And I dun really care for the MarySue-ing with the 25yo looking12 cutie smittened at first sight with Ariel.  OK, I'm 2 eps in, he's definitely batting for the other team if this is RL or up to some slysly manipulating game if this is HKdrama.   I'm just not buying.

So LONG ranty rant aside, I've watched 2 eps.  This is odd when I've been rolling eyes/ things not clicking fr the get go.  WHy?!  Bolin Chen.  Every time he's on my screen since he's been in the biz, my eyes r drawn to him….he gives me that exact enigmatic boyish charm of a VERY young not as perfectly pretty Takeshi…who is so natural on screen…so so natural.  

I've never seen him showing his seams as an actor, even if everything is not up to his par round in the production.  No exception here.  And mesooosad esp when Ariel is coming across (to me) very hammycampy.

I'm still watching, but solely for Bolin and these gifs:

I know drama will get 'better', it's the opposite of bad,  it may very well deservingly be a crowd and critics' fav……just not mine. 😦

It doesn't help every time I felt a bit bored watching ITWY….I have to stop myself being a silly bad addict rewatching OfficeGirl11.  This gif helps, 'Yes, I'll listen to all ur orders, officer!'

This is just some fangirl gushing of OG: it is so perfectly sweet a slice of Tiramisu for unwinding.  IF not for OG, I would think I'm hitting premenopause way too early, being cranky at everything I've seen.  (even DowntonAbbey, my most dependable engaging show,  has annoying plots happening, Homeland is also losing a bit of intrigue and this early.. both r a bit too soap opera-ish, I'm not feeling TPM 2 eps in, a case of not in the mood)  OG, OTOH,` It's been the longest time I've been loling fr the bottom of my heart, thoroughly entertained then squealing and squeeing at the ridiculous cuteness of our OTP it makes me weep so sated.  And as gorgeous as Roy has always been in my eyes, hisZX belongs with hisXR. And amidst the fluffy goodness, it's apparent Alice Ke is so freaking talented she's bringing so much nuance and realness to her character, it's really a delight seeing the proper movie acting training at work in an idol drama.  I actually love this stage of the OTP the most, when both of them has some realization of their tangled up feelings, air is zapping, breathing is difficult all around for them and us, yet they r not yet official.  I love those uncontrollable butterflies in tummy moments <3333333  It's not the same once it's 'settled' , the security takes away a bit of that edge of jitters.  Ah….to be kids falling in love again!

Taking one for TeamRQ: The Unbeatable Shampoo Ad

Is there a medical term for 'abnormally huge shallow end of brain'?  Can I start a urbandict entry calling it fangirl aneurysm?!

This is the exact scene I've fallen head over heels with this perfect face:

It's a SlamDunk wannabe idol 2004 Cdrama (if that hasn't scared you very very far away, *shake hands* hi~!!! fellow RoyQiu fangirl/boy!)

I FF'd 5 eps when Unbeatable aired,  friendly advice: watch it mute.  Roy's line delivery always has a quirky pattern of spitting out every word monotonously as if reciting dry txtbk…THEN at some needed moments, usually at the end, he'll give u a tease of real emotions in normal speech.  It's still there in OG, working to his advantage of playing a richbratboymanprince.  I find it cute and accept it as his style while droolzing in heartshaped eyes at his out of this world pretty face. Still my first Unbeatable watch was, with FF, 5 eps too many.

Then I'm told although they must have no budget left for any random pedestrian adult, Writer must be a Roy fan.  There are some delicious scenes of him with his OTP (and bromance galore with HG) that'll tickle my fancy.

And DARN! His scenes surely r handtailored for me!!!

Let me stress, don't EVER treat Unbeatable as a drama, if u need subs, skip it and good for you, u r safe fr the bloody headdesking, it's a 30 hour long silliest CF with Cristiano Ronaldo gueststaring on billboards whenever there's a screenspace for billboards *I hope he's at least reimbursed by one whole Gucci store in China*.   It is one money burning extravagant commercial for a REAL shampoo, they even shamelessly have a plot of pitching an ad campaign for the Big Shampoo in drama by…doing a TV drama, *lulz*.   The stars r the better idols in Cdramaland, sets as gorgeous as pirated pages fr Architectural Digest missing a few bricks and the writer must be a CN conjoined twin of the Kdrama Athena fame.

HuGe and TangYan are pure torture to watch acting, sterile chemistry as OTP.  I thought HG can angst, but he regressed even at that and I'm saying this droolzing at him in nth but tailored suits.  TangYan is putrefyingly horrid, her character is a chalk on board pitchy voiced damselprincess with brain capacity of a 4 yo. I prayed for dubbing over her voice and I have to start a petition of no circle lens use ever on screen unless u r playing an alien asap.  If you see any potential in them as a pair or individually promising in Chinese Paladin 3, this will squash it clean.  Moreover CP3 is a MUCH better drama with more heart (I can't believe I just wrote that).   Being very objective and unbiased, RQ is the undeniable scene stealer with the least headdesky character (writer is a fan, true fact)

Frankly I've never seen much smoldering chemistry of HuGe with his female costars.  This confirms my conception with him only eyesexing with RQ and they have loling bromantic lines.  (not really complaining, I love cheeky bromance, Me happy.)

In case you care for some character description/recap:  Roy plays a cop (his name lit. Dangerous Smile), the only BFF of HuGe ( a tragic past jaded him fr humankind unless they are immaculately pretty/ is RoyQiu). IT's not my bromance fanatic talking, our hot boys do the following together: hobby of illegally climbing skyscrapers in tight spandex, nightly icecream date at DairyQueen, plotting against some evil empire, ie Chinese Batman and Robin. Roy has a female OTP, she is the PR Director working under HG. A 'cougar' pushing 30, blunt, fierce and just dumped by her scumbag playber national idol boytoy.  *Too bad they didn't ask YH to guest star, any 3 way eyesexing/bromance btn YH+HG+RQ will nuke my TV and make any PoS watchable…to me*  While speeding off in distraught, she hits off-duty cop DangerousSmile on his motorbike.  She spits it all on him in a grating attitude and he magically transforms into his Cop Uniform fr street clothes (PD, how DARE~ u cut out changing scene?!?!). He makes her drive him to work, and we get our first Roy, 'Yes, I'm very shuai' line when she tries to sweettalk herself out of trouble.   He books her, lame excuse to call up his HG to bail out his employee lady for more eyesexing.  This next time, PR lady makes sure she can use the scummiest douche, and be so wasted….
Enough silly words, RQ caps:


my fangirling beast is baccckkkk kicking and romping

I was planning to start TPM, and rewatch BBJX (coz my rushed live watch has missing HUGE chunks of eps) but both HD downloads are taking up very precious time.   And in the mean time the shallow end of my brain is screaming and thumping me to give me some RoyQiu (he's been my guiltiest pleasure numeroUno TW crush for the longest time, I'm conditioned to watch his unmentionables like a Pavlovian dog), and as if the orbits are aligned, OG ep1 took FOUR! mins to magically appear on my living rm TV!!!!!!

And now I've stopped all other dls just to speedily gets myself up to ep9 in record time.  IF u do not go batshxt droolzing when the mention of RoyQiu, you will never get the prettiest crack trip I'm going through, feasting my eyes atm. 

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Too many pretty dramas, too little freaking time

I havent watched a kdrama for ~1 month.  I’m almost sad that maybe my addiction is finally waning.  I just am fed up w/ settling, and I’ve done more than my threshold for Kdramas.

But these are begging me to watch (or I’m begging them to air NOW):

Trailer for HuGe+IvyChen’s romcom Modern People is out.  And kisskisskisskiss!

New Official MV for theme song fr Clothing the World OST, sang by Kelly Chen:

The song is meh, but this looks GORGEOUS.
I will do many things to have loverboy’s Clothing the World’s exact, solid premiere date, I’m planning my RL schedule around it.   It should be any day now,  news articles r much more frequent lately.
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