Our Princes, Kings and Queens

Wow, a whole happy storm of interesting happenings!  I’m so out of touch with all the BuBu gang aside from Loverboy, but why is everyone suddenly appearing on my dash?

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On My List: Upcoming Fluffy Chinese Periods

Mulan is FINALLY getting a possible air date ‘soon’.  Soon *just read a news article it’ll be June*.  At least we have a cable channel attached and leaking out a proper trailer.  I’m taking it with a sea of salt since I’ve seen loverboy’s drama Ad Mania to air 2 eps and then evaporated from the face of the earth for no reason WHATSOEVER, STILL.  So unless there are full episodes by the truckload leaked out on the interweb, I’ll keep my squealing at a controllable level.  Somewhat.

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What’s up with the BBJX brotherhood?

Smart lads and still ever so tightknit, rather than waiting for whatever TR is up to with the much rattled BBJX2, the princes and RX are off doing their collabs and being as lovely and awesome bromancing each other on weibo. I sincerely hope this brotherhood will last till we are all in nursing homes.

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Bosco, Ray Ma, Ruby Lin AND YUAN HONG

ALL in one period drama, and Loverboy is already looking ridiculously gorgeous, he’s born to be in every and ALL periods.

Seriously who rocks the combo of period robes and froufrou embroidery and a down jacket fashioned into a harmonious capelet like him?!

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I can’t believe it: a HXM as YueFei fangirling post…mostly

Lord have mercy!  Gone is the HXM anti for last decade in me and a clean new slate (with many dirty thoughts!)

Ruby Lin is LOVELY and I let out a sigh of relief… she's playing mother of the children of a YueFei that looks like Huang Fking XiaoMing instead of a 16 yo bimboprincess.  Who freaken cares about doubling their age just to grow old(er) with YueFei, HXM or no HXM.  Age appropriate gorgeousness is sooooooo much easier on eyes.  And I can imagine the job is much easier on Ruby herself, screaming OTP! just with hand holding.

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