April’s Hook, Line, Sinker…or Stinker

I absolutely didn’t watch anything without one eye tired shut last month+, and in prep of me falling into the abyss of lapping up everything under the sun with all the withdrawal, I slept almost an entire day of Sunday in anticipation.

30 hrs later, caught up with my most ‘urgent’ to-watch dramas.

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Catching up

I’m having some minor health woes last month and will be getting it fixed this week.  CAN’T WAIT!  I had very limited use of my hand for a while (so I have to put a hold to capping ILICDD) and will completely not be able to type a thing post-op till it’s healed.  In the mean time, I’ll be watching plenty of dramas (hopefully), but I won’t be able to spazzarant on them here :/.  So, please be kind to me TPTB, only lemme pick good sating gems and nothing causing squeals of RAGE! and hurling of desks.

I hated everything I’ve touched in the currently airing 2013 Kdramas, either the dramas r mehhh, or the actors r fehhhh (to me).  It’s time to take a serious break.  Even though it is equipped with an actor I like (Kim JiHoon), Flower Boy Neighbor is boring me to tears and I find the Cute! very tedious and fake, it aggravates me the more I watch.  It’s not bad, but somehow it manages to annoy me disproportionally much.  What is Wrong with me?!

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