My C/HK/TW Movie Watchlist 2014

In order of anticipation.

Every big name director is having an epic out in 2014.  This is already my shortlist, there are many I am not interested in but make good business sense.  Quite a few, I can not wait!

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Star Gazing at the Golden Horse

I am still pinching myself, ALL my favorite stars are there, almost.  My favs, in their most glamorous, through my childhood to a teen to a grown fangirl to now a Dama in one room.  Well, even if Zhou Xun is busy filming Red Sorghum, she should be here and now I winced not able to see what magic she can pull and dazzle in THIS company.

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Fangirly Awards Post

Chinese Media Film Awards have never been under my radar, but this year, in its 12th season, I rabidly loved a handful of critically acclaimed sino-films, so every time my loves get recognitions, big or small, I spazzzzzz. ie, nth is going to stop me picspamming my fav peeps, esp when I just have a handful, all of them glammed up for a dazzling outing!  🙂

List of noms and winners

My fav pic of the night  *drooooollllllllllzzzzzzz*  Best Director and his Muse, our Best Actor.

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Johnny To’s Life Without Principle/ 奪命金/ Life-robbing Gold

Still in shock with my ongoing luck last few months with stuff I'm watching.   My newest surprise is Life without Principle.  I don't care about a lot of Johnny To's stuff, but there's a working formula: gimme a SeanLau, instant like; an AndyLau or a RichieJen in the mix, things can stink up, for me.  He's predictable with a smart brain for commercial success, he's found all the ingredients that work towards a formulaic good acclaimed trademark JohnnyTo and he keeps feeding me the same satisfyingly good stuff, but it irks me always with 'that's all you can do Johnny?'  at the end of his movies.

Have a trailer:

The themesong MV:

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