Secret Garden: the beast refusing to DIE!

Okeydokey, I got it,  I have more than enough crazy happenstance going on in 2012 to get it's the oh so scary~! 2012, so please just TPTB…gimme a freaking break.

Bees a-buzzing, birds a-chirping for weeks of a Secret Garden Cmovie in making.  Yeah, I know, u just snorted at the absurdity, I did too every time I came across such rumor last few wks.  BUT it's likely to be a real thing, there's a SH Film festival coming up in June and the production company with the right to this chimera has announced it'll put up stuff for the press and it's in a frenzied stage of casting.  ie the movie right is bought.  It'll be crappity crapping crap.  I'm not even sure they even care to work with a script with words and lines on papers and such.  The production company also went the tried and true nasty promo-tactics of throwing it out there in the weibosphere for us to REACT and hopefully sth will stick and….fanwars galore!  They now r gathering names on possible C JooWon and C Ra Im. And ha. Ha. HA!  Guess who's on the list?  None other than my loverboy YH.  Also my C girlcrush GweiLunMei is on the shortlist of RaIm.

So *breath* *gulp* *grasp*  MY uber K bias Binnieboy's 'most famous' role could possibly even if ever so remotely be reinterpreted by my Loverboy Yuan Hong.  The same exact Kim freaken JooWon.  *ooooooohhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm*

OH P-LEASSSEEEE.    FYI they put 4 SuJu hotties on the list as well: SiWon, KyuHyun, DongHae and HanGeng. Oh and HXM, and ChenKun, and Wallace Chung…etcetcetc.

!@#!$#&%^^&%^%##@$~  I'm still in absolute disbelief typing the tags of this post alone.


I have, since last nite, got my hands on another several hundreds of binnie pics.
Why, this dude, whenever he’s out in open, will yield such a scary amt of pics still, is beyond me.  *not complaining*

He didnt get much sleep still after SG is donedonedonedone, busying himself with a trillion of things.  It shows in many of the pics fr the presscon of ManChu yesterday.

BUT, even deleting those fr my HD, I still have to edit it down to these few:

more…waywaywayyy more…

my fandoms are entertaining me very much lately…. I’m not worthy!

In a new routine yet old habits are so comforting, such as fangirling, THAT always put a giggle in me. It does help that my fandoms are so totally giving me a lot of amusement lately.

I miss loverboy Yuan Hong.  I’m not sure when his new drama will be out, typical Cdrama fashion is unpredictable, it can be next week or couple years.  I’ve found some bts during the filming, looks like an unpleasant tough couple months for loverboy, He still looks good though in some grime and fake blood.

And then his C twitter/weibo.  He’s soo wryly hilarious with his tweeting, it’s my addiction.  There’s this whole juicy tabloid worthy fiasco of his fangirls jabbing TengRen’s ladyboss (imo rightfully so), with ladyboss totally passive aggressively putting blame on YH as if he’s betraying and leaving.   He took the high road and hinted on yes, he’s leaving TengRen’s management but they are all still friends and he’ll announce his other (hopefully better) plans when it’s the right time.

He never writes not amusing twits, like ever.  Here’s one he wrote lately:

Yuan Hong: drunk last night, phone’s lost.  I was eagerly waiting for my naked pictures to burst in the internet whole morning.  This feeling is really exhilarating, has anyone been thro’ it before? !  Any kind soul who has picked up my phone, please give it back to me, k?!  I’ll buy you grilled skewers, 10 skewers-full!

And fanservice.  This is the pic he just posted along with an apt emo prose for Singles Day 11.11

how long a preening does it take for such a GORG self portrait my pretty?

And back to my ultimate obsession, Mr. Hyun Bin.  Secret Garden will be out shortly.  I’m going bipolar as to being super excited one moment for all the pervie fangirl potentials and totally cringing the next as open-minded I’m trying to be.  Gut is telling me I won’t like it at all in all seriousness, but I’ll find amusement out of it.

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Secret Garden (AHHHAHH)

I already have the new crack for chasing the SKKS dragon. and oh how EX-CEL-LENT the timing.

SKKS will be done in 2 wks *sob* I will claim my life back before binnie/HJW FLUFF *fingercrossed* showers on us Nov 13th.  I must’ve paid my dues as a fangirl.  Everything is pointing that I wont be as rabid a fangirl as SKKS is owning me.  On top of everything else that it SKKS is clicking, I love a good school shoujo drama w/ reverse harem of hot boys and ahjusshis and enough brains to sweet up the fluff more and SKKS is perfect in that sense.  OTOH bodyswitcheroo? OnAir writer? enough to make me FLEE, but what’s a fangirl extraordinaire if I’m not doing my ‘AHHHHH BINNIIEEEEE’s !! even if he’s emaciated (but he SMILES and world is good again AHHHH~),  plus I girlcrush HJW a lot.

SBS just released a LOAD of pics and we already have binnie/HJW ‘skinship’ and blood and token hospital scene .