Itazura na Kiss Goodies

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This dearie made the above marvelous MV because of a viral comment: 只要你一個眼神肯定 我的愛就有意義  As long as you give me a nodding glance,  my love (for you) will have a purpose  popping up for this certain scene in ep7 : Continue reading “Itazura na Kiss Goodies”

A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo marathon: ep7

This episode prompts me to reread the manga (Ch 12, 13 of vol. 4 btw) right away after it ends.

[All gifs and pics from weibo, thanks to original posters!]

Firstly, this week in the Itakiss C fandom:

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May Updates on Yuan Hong

Updates on Loverboy,  ie the slashy pretty thing born to write or live in a BL fanfic.

He is still busy on the set of his Manguo spy romance drama in SH somewhere, somewhere close enough to go eat at Fount, HuGe’s fancy schmancy J resto, where YH is known as its ladyboss.  The filming should end in June.  There is a rumor circling some producer is contacting him and HuGe to be in a modern drama together.  Rumor.  But let me tell you something:


It always started innocent enough, a fangirl snapped a pic with him at the restaurant gushing about how nice he is.  The official weibo of the restaurant joked under the thread, ‘Boss said:  Eats it all up…so you will have the energy to clean the pots and pans!

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A How to Guide for your 5201314th Itazura na Kiss-u Love in Tokyo marathon

あらま!!!  InK fandom, you need to stop being insanely AWESOME.  Yuki-kun, you being the cutest noobie at weibo, obviously reading (some of the) 3000+ comments to your every post, posting accordingly to what the fangirls are begging (see the pic with Honoka) then this vid, yourself, too criminally CUTE:

QTpie you do not do as the fangirls say, because they will (or are) demand nikkid pics of any of your body parts, and preferably with Honoka too…and both of you making out for ‘some scene in drama’.

No episode 6 Friday didn’t register in my brain and I kept looking for it a few times, and keep forgetting.  Any luck distracting yourself from bring robbed of your crack and you can feel your brain shutting down, deflating without its candy? I’m waiting for my redeye and this literally perk me up better than 3 cups of coffee. But be warned, anyone not really in the fandom will think this is the silliest thing ever in this blog…and I’m talking THIS BLOG XDDDDDD.

Here.  I seriously giggled out loud at the airport reading this cute post, and again when translating, which laid out how our Naoki fell for his Kotoko, and I mean this dearie observed every flickering of his innermost thoughts and emotions and put it to words, compiling the best watching companion we can only dream of.

This is originally posted at baidubar:  the how-to watch guide/what you missed companion for InK: Love in Tokyo ep1-5 ad nauseum rewatches.  It is the best thing chronicling every tingling swoony progression of the Fall of the ‘doomed’ mighty IQ+200/EQ-20 genius boy Naoki into the cute loving lap of Kotoko.

I’m not responsible for any life ruining, time sucking rewatch(es) of 5 whole eps of dorama from now till next Friday.  That play button, you click it yourself.  And I’m too lazy to even come up with thoughts of mine, this is a quickie translation (too tired and lazy to put in caps…maybe I’ll later, but…I need zzz more!) LALALALALALA~~~~

*Biggest thanks to Genius Original Poster 庄婕希!*

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A Call to Arms

This is the teaser of the webmovie with Mian (I’m sure it has sth to do with ‘cotton’) theme is: YH in Beijing.  As the taxi driver said to my Loverboy, ‘wherever you are heading,  I will take you there.^^’

And then, Lil Red Flower gives Driver Uncle this smile. *g*

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How cute, how so very very cute

Back to my favorite routine of watching a bit of dramaz over lbreak.   I was clicking on Eight Days, which is terrific and so engrossing and terrifying and somewhere, in a scene involving a box and straw and I’m watching behind my fingers and I kinda need a break, a horrible gf pinged me whether I’ve seen InK5.  -No, I know what is in store, pretty much need to watch it alone in a locked room to squee my heart out.

-Oh, then have a gif. [credit on gifs; fr weibo]

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HongShi Watch

Hey fellow HongShi babes, wanna bet on when we can pop some champagne and cheer on our darlings?

It all started with the sweet and so pretty Janine visiting Loverboy at his HXY set at WengDian (she is filming her GuLong drama Big Four).  YH, losing his marbles when any pretty girl showers him attention, forgot to snap a pic with her and is pouting and whining on weibo, to which the dreamy sweetheart Janine PS him one with her looking up fondly at the sillyboy.  I ❤ her.

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Old Steady Ships (Part 1)

….the type that gets us squeeeeee and swooon and even for a cynic like me….delve into a strictly escapist YY pipe dream of 2 RL breathing human beings being a couple, and united we shout at them at the top of our lungs TO!GET!HER!!!!!!!!

I’m not a fan of HXM on my screen (blasphemy I know, but too often he is swarmy and Moi Too Pretty For Your Screen) but I LURVE him in RL, he’s such a warmest prettiest teddy bear giving silly hugs all around.  Absolutely no air, no fanfare.  A kind, childlike derpy soul.  I’ve never dived into a fandom because of RL persona, if it doesn’t work for me on screen, I really don’t care if you are Jesus.  Sowry.  BUT this will be the first case, and I’ll now be on my best behavior and never another bad word on XiaoMing because along with the whole weibo I’m screaming at the top of my lungs:  I swear, I may not be lucky enough to be in the vicinity of such a perfect package in 10000 years.  And really what did you do in your past 10000 lives Vicky?!  Did you spent every single one of them rescuing children and baby penguins EVERY WAKING MOMENT to earn your blessing?!?!

Allow me to chronicle the  explosive fireworks at weibosphere yesterday, most glorious, so squeeworthy,  so ADFSFGDHGKJFHDGA romantic no drama airing atm in ANY dramaland I know of is even remotely close:

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HongShi with cute snarky children will bring bestest fortune this Dragon Year!

Background:  I’m still puzzled with what sort of TV this 2-hour ShenZhen cableTV kids show is (I skipped all nonYH parts, of coz).  I think it’s catering to parents, to watch with their toddlers with the intention this is a Dora the Explorer and Diego reality show, they’ll travel to another part of CN, this episode is Beijing, thus learning things about that city.  It then morphs into a peeving me out live freak show of tigress moms, tiger dads showing off their gift fr God fluent in multiple language IQ200 smug preschoolers. Argh.

It started with a very meaningful task for our RL Dora and Diego:  Help a toddler and his lovely farmer grandpa living in a poor rural community celebrate the New Year by somehow getting train tix for the parents working in the cities who haven’t been home for years. *sniffs* To go with the BBJXPrince13 theme, they have to find 3 traditional yet in vogue things that represents Beijing, things (a Chinese yo-yo/percussion instrument, 1000 yr traditional fabric shoes and Ma Qua/traditional Qing dress clothes) YH can use for his Qing/BJ themed taping of a CF.  YH then makes a cute ‘Mama I love you’ banner with the babies and hangs it off the roof of his hotel so the Moms can come reclaim their babies.  He also commissions a revered calligrapher/ veteran actor, a colleague fr his set of MuLan for a gorgeous piece of calligraphy to be auctioned off so the tods can complete the task of raising $$$ for the baby with grandpa missing his parents. The babies do say the most fascinating, darnest things, scripted or not (I can’t decide).

This is my trans (and lots of spazzing) of the first 5 min of the vid above:
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YH, YH wherefore art thou Loverboy?

I had an awesome wkend by the lake.  Hopefully I've burnt off half the fat I've horded over Thanksgivings and make some space for the coming wks of stuffing myself.

Hope the wkend has been eventful all around! ^^

haha actually I just wanted to post this following pic, as usual, the rest is just a big o' lump of rabid fangirl blablabla.

Tell me, who wouldn't fall for a hot talented  ~30 yo actor who not only loves Totoro, but will adorn his body with ALL the Totoroes his fans just gave him while strutting a pose like he's shooting a mag spread, AND is so moved in gratitude he's asked his homie/roomie/bromanceforeverbff to snap and post this with a sincere tweet of thanks! in the middle of the night.

this is a drunk post…