I LOVE this alterna-casting!

Poster by:没劲
Produced by:风绮古月


I'm still weeping blood inside of the crapping YMM is doing to my fav book on earth ever.  It's worst now that it's alright looking with scenery p0rn and I'm lured back to watch, which will pain me some more.  This fanvid….sooo much better.  If I can have Tong YaLi as Ren YingYing (because I just love her face so much more) it'll be perfect.  BUT I can live with ANYONE, let me repeat, ANYONE (Wallace included, what's playing 3, 4 when rumored to be playing 2?) other than JoeChen or YuanShanShan in their respective roles.

For those who've read the book, isn't it awesome how it's nicely fit into a couple minutes of fanvid?!  And we know for sure this will be so much better than anything YMM can spit out (understatement).  Fans r amazing!

YuZheng please DIAHF

It's punishable by same DIAHF for cursing that on any human being during LNY, but YZ is not by definition a man, so I'll risk it for the sake of mankind.

The list of actors speculated for his PoS Rape of Smiling, Proud Wanderer :
令狐冲(霍建华)Wallace Huo as hero LingHu Chung
东方不败(霍思燕)Huo SiYan as nemesis DongFong BuBai
任盈盈(陈乔恩)Joe Chen as heroine Ren YingYing
岳灵珊(袁姗姗)Yuan ShanShan (ie YZ's plasticface muse) as girl2 Yue LingShan
田伯光(韩栋) The pretty BBJX Prince9 HanDong as Tian BoGuang (pervie fugly yucky rapist, W!T!F!!!!!)

The main leads, EVERY FREAKING ONE OF THEM R ALLLLLLLLLL WRONGGGGG! MAKE IT STOP!!!!! Rumor is Wallace has just signed on TR's next TongHwa adaptation DaMuYao, the Chinese Paladin 3 gang will sorta reunite, even with cloning, he'll definitely be the key pawn of epic battle btn TR's ladybi*chboss and her archenemy Yu mama.  Why Wallace, WHYYY?!?! The battle, in any other case, will be entertaining, but not shitting all over my favorite Louis Cha please! TT_TT

In an equally WTF! but much more hilarious note:

fr weibo
what the freaken freck is going on Loverboy?!is Princess TaiPing a Mighty Python wannabe?!
Here is the long trailer, I haven't clicked it, still lolzing:
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