Period Beauties

 Hu Ge as Mei Changsu in 琅琊榜/Nirvana in Fire  ie HG back to being drop dead gorgeous in a idolperiod that is at least very pleasing to the eyes.  This drama actually seems very promising every step of the way from the crew attached and the cast.  Can not look away.

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Lunch Date with MaRu, EunGi and JaeHee for the last time

As the last scenes roll in,  I’m finishing up my coffee, by then quite cold.  I closed my laptop.  I love it.  I was eating lunch by myself but it’s like I’ve spent time with a friend leaving town, sending him/her off, for good.

It dawns on me, my experience watching NG elicits the feelings and my habits of reading a good manga.  I love NG, but there’s a safe distance between me and the drama, vis a vis manga reading when new volumes may take an indefinite wait, and I read the first few pages recollecting myself but in no time I’ll be totally immersed, entering into an imaginary world of the characters, foreign yet I’ve infested so much intimate time with and have delved so deep into their psyche that they are my kin. And I know them well, I’ve put in my side of the bargain fleshing them out of the pages of black and white in my mind.  With the medium of manga, there are many epic thoughts conveyed through a freeze frame, many spoken words are expressed in a bubble above the characters’ head, there is always a stoic artistry we can take our time and linger on a page, a frame.  With Nice Guy, many shots are succinctly framed,  with characters talking and thinking in their bubbles, leaving blanks for us to fill in, where we’re equipped by writer with the history and knowledge of the characters as we go.

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I have made it through Nice Guy 19

Right at the nick of time!!!

What a sinfully delicious ride of frustratingly refrained clinical angst!  All the characters r flawed and dug their own cesspool/grave they r or will be in. I’m feeling the most for JH tbh because she still is true to her selfish bitch self through it all and it’s glorious to watch.  She’s most realistic and stern in her set of twisted life’s principles yet her vulnerability is palpable and I can see it through her every action where the shiz is coming from.  She must be my favorite Girl2Witch of all time.  She’s not boringly predictable, just I can read her like an opened trashy romance.  PSY is doing the job of her career (where she’s been amazingly improving to wow me in every outing I’ve seen her already).  It’s a treat to watch all her careful, pitch-perfect yet seemingly effortless touches on a woman in panic, a hair from losing her mind and everything.  It’s like watching her on an acting tight-rope, faking she’s about to fall every step yet we can still see the lady is so surefooted in it all along.  I can’t help but care for what’s next for JH may it be dying to watch her Big Fall.  And to note, I was totally snerking at how hopelessly horrible she was in My Girl!

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Why can’t fangirling be a respectable, decently paying job as in every uncontrollable squee I make, ka’ching!?

I’m sooo proud of myself. I paused my NG watch at ep4, because there is a miracle and I suddenly am in possession of Self!Control! *can last an hour, I hope or 30 min* *STILL a tremendous amount of control if 10*

2.  Sweet dreams are made of these:

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Nice Guy

Had a few friends over watching the game (baseball) and it ended earlier than expected.   While I went on vacay, my sweet hubs set up some black box thingy and I can now stream everything under the sun on my kinda old TVscreen.   And there’s NG, engsubbed ep1.  My friends who don’t really watch much of anything on the tube can watch along as well.  Seems fun, and harmless.

I’ve meant to watch NG even when I was out of town and kismet or whatever, sth is always in the works to keep me away from it.   It all makes sense now.   I need to pray a thank you to TPTB.

COZ WB FLAILING IDIOT MEEEEE!!!!   And I can’t possibly be a flailing idiot and function when I’m actually a zombie last wks can I?  *tytyty RL for fatefully keeping SJK from me, NOT!* I think I’ve been screaming OMGOMGOMG, really physically fanning self and running circles around room (I don’t recall, so I will deny it all) .  I’m holding some tea that’s getting cold my friend made me ‘to calm me down’ and we have paused NG because I guess it’s hard to watch anything busy rolling eyes at a so-called friend who is actually a crazy woman, they just find out.

Gosh SJK, gosh my cutiepie I wanna pinch your cheeks EVERY freaking second.  WHY SO GOOD? As much as I tried to hide from everything NG, I totally get the raves of how ridiculous good he is.  I miss you so so much, it’s been too long, my hot puppy, there’s always a void here btn my outstretched arms for you to cuddle and for me to….huhhuhhuhhh.

And he’s so much improved from the last time I saw him as young Sejong (dun get me wrong, he was magnificant already and the best thing there if you ask me who watched his cut only of the drama i have no interest in whatsoever).  There is a landmine of cliches, but he’s convincing in every twitch and line he has to present.  And I’m super unspoiled, I’m also sold his character is flesh and blood real, everything we’re told or seeing, I’m buying it… getting the vibe there’s a hidden short-fuse somewhere in MaRu, one little more push and he may snap to a ruthless and everything be damned dark dark thing even if he has tried so very hard at everything he can all his life to make the best of his situation for others around him.

I’m surprised how much I wanna jump him.  The softer than baby porcelain skin, his red pouty lips his pretty round eyes…are all like the usual description for a romance novel damsel,  but it fit to a tee how pretty he is on my screen.  However, once he’s entered that hotel room, once he’s 10 ft from PSY (who is also killing it, I love her! )  I can smell hot blood vaporizing like it is a sauna, air is sucked out of that room and my lungs when the scene has nth calling for any of it.  Is it my hormones out of whack?!?!?! It’s still the same soft flawless skin with the cute cheeks, the naturally hotpink lips and those puppy eyes but intensely MANLY and SMEXY…..gosh I need to lie down, and I won’t be surprised the people around me will throw a tub of ice at me just to shush it.  On top of the #$@$&*$&%@#%!#$$&@ hotness and perfection of SJK, has Ahjusshi Jo Sung Ha ever been hotter?!?!  I was droolzing at him more in the earliest scenes, those he’s sharing with the hot damn that is SJK.

Oh, and don’t spoil, am I too far flipped and lost all my marbles to get this maybe my dream What Happend in Bali 2012 redux with more talented and better prettier actor I don’t even know I fantasize and want but I DO NOW!??!?!

*I’m only at  20~ min mark and I haven’t even seen MCY yet. I’ve heard good things about her. SQUUUUEEEEEEEEE*