Sound of Music will never be the same

My first musical, Julie Andrews, lovely singing Nuns and children, raindrops and kittens, Captain + Edelweiss made up my very first rabid obsession. I scratched up the VHS tape watching it too many times.  My mom manipulated me to piano lessons saying I could soon play every song in S&M (it's Mr Plummer's invention out of his 'hatred' for being the forever Captain Von Trapp).  I learnt my DoReMis to the song:

 And to this day, I will still play and sing a lousy 'So Long, Farewell' in my imitation of the children's voices by memory when I'm tipsy at family gatherings after a rewatch.

Lets be honest with our Catholic girl kink, when the piano practicing, the HW for Bible Studies was less interesting than chewing cardboard, who didn't persevere with a will of steel because of the aspiration to be a rowdy nun in an Alpine convent so hopefully one day the Sisters will ship you off as governess at a widowed Plummer-lookalike Captain's fancy mansion?!?!  That said, I've never had any remotely crushy thoughts concerning Mr Plummer. He maybe the Freudian origin of my forever falling for the Darcy type, but no, I formed a super fond sacred memory of Sound of Music many years before I was hit by hormones.

To pull myself out of my shameful Fassbender flailing, with Beginners still so very fresh and beautiful in my head, I thought obsessing over Ewan or Mr Plummer will be a way out.   Ewan was quickly ousted, he's just Fassbender's less dangerous, younger looking but older bro and I can't rewatch Trainspotting nor Phantom Menace.  As sick as I am with my grandpa crushes, I cut off at 70 yrs old.  Mr Plummer is a lovely 82 years young!!! Watching the most innocent Sound of Music is so clever of me, right? SURE~~~

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