On the Set of Chang Ge Xing (Again)

Yes, I might as well relocate to Elephant Mountain.  Don’t worry if you are getting sick of my Chang!Ge!Xing-ing!,  primary filming is rounding up this week or so.  Try as I might, I just have to picspam.  This has surpassed my expectation every step of the way from what has been leaking out and this is now my most anticipated 2014 drama (not just Cdrama).

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Friday Pretty Post

Remember the Young and Dangerous franchise?! I’m not talking about…

…’18 year olds’ zipping across ends of greater LA in a red M not getting a ticket, nor staying the night at the hugeass house 5 minutes from Highway 1 by sportscar, an hour by foot or 10 seconds jumping off the stairs, the glass, rolling into the Pacific (escape plans, we need some) of a single rich boy you think is a Mr White who is into STARING and permanent fuchsia lipstains  (or is color tattoo’d on?!?!?   is he the MalibuKenHeisenberg of fuchsia meth? ) whom you’ve met for 5 minutes in total over several fateful bumping and have an itch to peek his morning shower hair makeup routine to get to know his deep thoughts…

…but the HK 90s franchise that made stars out of the collective bunch of now 40+ uncles:

I am not a fan of any one of them, but collectively?!  Damn was it a nostalgic fun ride.

And yes, I have a few words on a certain K drama.

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First Look at Love Trouble

This is also a recap of the weibo BL comedy hour with YH at the helm.   He stated he is a guy and he is darn straight at a weibo reply, cascading into his typical hilarious silly rampage replying incessantly to the adoring ‘naysayers’.  I AM DYING HERE YUAN HONG.  You seriously have to stop this endless cyber tickling.

[credit on pics]

  *mild spoilers and word diarrhea*

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Last day of September, so long summer!  This post will be a monsoon of pretty men (ie not just Loverboy) and ladies in period costumes, a lot of Loverboy kissing (a girl, not the pretty men), HuGe (and their lovechild jkjk) and a fanboy’s sweet fanletter to MaestroMiyazaki.

Lets start with what YH wrote to Miyazaki in the New Weekly feature (a CN Atlantic-esque current affairs magazine):

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