A picspam nightcap of the Sunny Happiness pretties!

Just saw these @ weibo, ahhh the lovely Sunny Happiness OTP reunited with our insanely viable HOT Guy2 Li YiFeng.  It just makes me so deliriously happy. 

Sunny Happiness is an anomaly of just a handful of TW idoldramas that stole my heart and threw away the keys.   I kinda wanna rewatch bits of it, seeing these happy pics that makes me smile, it’s summer and I always love to revisit some lovely fluffy sweet things.


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D’mookies watching SH

One of the many misfortunes of my hubs 1. to be deadly curious of my fangirling escapades. 2. Never Learn 3. Coerced into watching ‘chickfluff'(his words for TWdrama) 4. marrying me?!

Obviously I need some distractions over the wkend of Mar7.  I’ve finished rewatching Sunny Happiness.  I have NO FREAKEN IDEA WHY and WHAT  my lovely sweetest Koala on the planet has done to me.  I’ve NEVER rewatched dramas right away.  N.E.V.E.R. 

IF there’s one single TWidoldrama fanboy out there in the universe, I want to know you and treat you dinners and chat up.  He’s tried everything but TWdramas with me. I won’t even bother.
I’m monopolizing media player/TV and watching SH all the time.  He’s morbidly curious.  I upped the ante with Janine Chang in very short maid uniform. Hook, line and sinker.

Poor guy didn’t say much following me ffing ep 1-3 TW ver, other than he’s ‘unentertained’ and the questioning looks at me and my taste. He started asking quesions nonstop on WL the ex wife and I told him I have no answer.  ‘There’s no explanation, just take her as a bugging walking/talking wart.’  I acknowledged her as a decent single mom to her child. He said nah.  ‘The child actor is acting circles around her! Just because she’s lucky to have a nice, considerate, wise boy doesn’t mean it’s her rearing.  Even when concerning her boy, she’s extremely selfish whenever it matters most to the child and frankly didn’t put him first and foremost before her own emotions every time an impt decision rises.’  TRUE THAT!

He’s asked/begged me if he can stop his hubby duty.  I said no….coz… I’ve dled ep4 CTV/TW ver. last nite and I need to watch (this ep will go down as the beginning of the romance btn me and show in need of separate spazzing sessions) 
I jolted down what we rambled while watching end of SH3 and SH4.

Hubs ; me

‘Guy1 is strutting like a model.’ *is jealous*
‘Dress shoes r hard to walk in’
‘He does look pissed, his face is red.  NO guy steps on gas like that.’
‘He’s wearing the freaken DRESS SHOES!’
‘How old is younger bro?  16?’
’26.’ <_<
‘He lets his mom color coordinate his outfit.’ (he’s jabbing at my lovely colonel/Terry tie!)
‘They all have dimples.  Do they PS dimples now?’
‘There must be many significances of the sunset talk.  Just tell me.’

Huh?*busily droolzing at Mike’s side profile and curbing want of stroking his hair and other parts of his gorgeousness*
‘Sunset, he wants many of them, why?’
*droolzing* ‘huh?!!? It’s pretty? ‘
He wants to relive the day many times since he’s found XN?  But he is pissed and quarreled with his ex and he may not see XN again, so why?
*swoonswoonswoon* *brain is mush* shhhhhhh!!
‘shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ ‘YOU shushhhh!’
I like her.  He likes her.
Not yet.
That’s hitting on her.
He’s looking at her pervie. 
The way he’s saying her name ‘Fong Yung Yung!’ there’s a funny ring to it.  He has ideas.
He’s looking at her pervie again.
Time capsule?! muahahaha HOW CREATIV…:/
that’s good scene.
I thought of the Taxi scene in Roman Holiday
Prince and princess complexes r funny drunks.
He’s going to puke on her.  She should let Teddy take his puke.
He’s not drunk. 
He’s drunk.  Mike! Why so cute!! 
He’s faking it.
Fake! See, he wanna get in her pants.
Don’t laugh at my Mike.  His ‘Shit’ is fine.
he’ll say his son’s name faking drunk!
She won’t be moved if he’s not hot.
He won’t tag her along ride if she’s not pretty.
Sistas r funny.
(lol @ Mom)
(roflbbq @ Mike’s ‘:O’) sth’s…up
u r 12
he’s sitting coz sth’s…up.