Early Happy Lunar New Year


Loverboy is singing in Cantonese (zomg tbh quite decent the enunciation, pitch…not so much lol) a Lunar New Year ‘pop’ song 《祝福你》/Blessing you, like a cute Bobblehead CN Ken doll/lounge singer.  I will credit him updating the look made famous by John Travolta in SatNightFever.  But he’s adorbs and he’s my loverboy, so only I can tease and poke him.  It’s super short, but I’ll take it, esp he and Elanne look super adorable and cute together.  I have hopes Mulan will be quite good, don’t disappoint me kids!  So now that the OTP is officially on the biggest promo platform, singing in these LNY shows, any day now.   I’ve lost count how many dramas YH has cooling on the shelves, I do not care of the quality, I just want to see him bobbing his head in a C modern or sth, ANYTHING.   I’ll have to disown him though if he stoops so low as to do a YuZ’s drama.

Speaking of YZ…

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Wuxias Trololoing

When I saw half my Wlist loling like a cackle of hyenas a wk ago, when the following rumored list for the cast of DGSD2013 was leaked, all I can helplessly do was ‘Oh-PLEAAHZEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ it to oblivion, this utter devastating exacerbating load of bullcrap.   I had a good laugh though.  You will too.

By this time we’ve all seen Wallace as QiaoFung, and 90% of us r nursing massive headaches because of it.  Wallace can never be a QF, he’ll angst and be in pain but missing the boat as the commanding hero of a Demi-god able to survive more than the whole wuxia’s worth load of crappy boulders falling on him.

imo Wallace has always attached himself to duds, I have seen quite a handful of his work through the years but none of them can be hailed as watchable.  None.  So it does make sense he’s attached to this.  It fits, actually.  I don’t think he’ll be the main reason this drama is the stinkiest of all wuxia adapts, he’ll hold his own and be bland coz if we are talking about a myriad of funny smelling things….there are plenty.

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