Friday Pretty Post: Happy Places

It’s Chow YunFat’s 62nd birthday, Mrs. Chow staged a surprise party on set of 無雙:

Can’t get any cuter!  And I can tell the cakes are beyond scrumptious just by looking and droolzing, and droolzing not because of these never aging hot uncles.  The upcoming crime thriller is from the brains of Alan Mak + Felix Chong of the Infernal Affairs/ Overheard franchises, and Aaron Kwok has been nothing but good to terrific last 10 years acting, at worst it is some gratuitous ride of HK cityscape p0rn

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Long Time No See

It was Friday…

sad with the loss of Bella Yao/姚貝娜.     I will remember, no matter how long have passed, you are still that passionate young lady who wants to get out of a hospital bed of the insatiable want to sing/还是昔日多情的少年.    Voice of an angel, sing on where there are no human pain and sufferings where…

…wings are leaves fallen in heaven.  RIP *pray*

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匆匆那年何以笙箫默 Back in Time My SunShine

匆匆那年/Back in Time is not particularly brilliant nor groundbreaking, I would not call it perfect, but I sat through the drama so enthralled in my nook and dare to count on it delivering a well-done hour every episode and it did, through and through.   This might be the best coming of age romance last few years across all dramalands.

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Friday Pretty Post

FOOTBALL!!!  Inescapable screaming and swearing whole town incapacitated month-long parties whether you care or not FOR ALL MANKIND (exc some edges in US of A haha). No FIFA corruptions and shitstorms going on is spoiling my precious game.

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Perfect Couple/金玉良缘

I can not look straight at myself at the horror.  This is worth a post and a first, I am watching a drama because of Wallace Huo on my screen.  He has always been pretty to my eyes as well, I am not blind…yet,  but his acting and drama choices are very flaccid, to me, till now.

I feel like I am a reverse Gremlin:  you pour me some silly Cdrama sugar slurry,  and I lap it up and be the sweet doe-eye thing I never was.    The fandom coined the phrase, the OTP is so crazily saccharine you will develop Type CP diabetes, etiology: watching the day to day routine of Mr and Mrs Derp.

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