Friday Pretty on Happy Camp

Happy Camp 2 wks ago was record breaking good.  I do not watch the variety show much…last time I watched was perhaps the BBJX gang. You know my bias.

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天地民心 Tian Di Min Xin ep 3, 4

I teared up more or less throughout the entirety of these 2 eps… 😦

Peng’s dad is the next victim caught in the political storms.  His whole family is sentenced to death.   Dad Qi pleads and pleads in vain, all they can do is fake the baby is theirs, Peng’s fam is babysitting for them.
Huai Yi (BFF) and JunZao are happily holding hands, walking down the street when they see the parents in chains.

HuaiYi faints in JZ’s arm witnessing the horror.

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天地民心 Tian Di Min Xin ep2

I really like the pace of this drama, nth drags, everything is presented simply, poignantly,  without skipping a beat.
Main plot has presented us with corruption in the court,  real power in the hands of Manchurian as opposed to the Han majority.  An aging Emperor who is having assassinations against him fr left and right.  Conspiracies are brewing, everyone is scheming, almost everyone.  Calm before the storm.

But I’m here to serve up the romance. 😉

It’s time for the lady to get some outdoor fun, and yes, she’ll go hunting as well. Manservant/gimp in toll.  He’s of a lower social caste, still Manchurian, utterly devoted to her (or maybe more…)

wayyyy too many caps, beware!!

天地民心 Tian Di Min Xin ep 1

Picspamming every bits of (b)romance.  Dont get me wrong, I like the serious plot as well, this is not earth shattering a drama, but it’s very very well done.  I cant pick a flaw.

By this time we’ve already met the hero Qi Jun Zao at his fav billowing willow field, this is all his reminiscing, the first meeting of our OTP, his Love of His Life.  Wintry fun for the boys in N China circa Qing dynasty is pheasant hunting, of coz.

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天地民心 Tian Di Min Xin/ The Hearts of the Citizens

This is my virgin LJ post *blush*.  I decide to finally jolt down what piques my interests any given moment and sends me to couple seconds to hours of OMFG raptures. lol

ATM I’m watching 天地民心 for multiple reasons: the obvious one is my loverboy Yuan Hong, but I’m also a serious book-owning fangirl of writer Zhu XiuHai 朱秀海 of 乔家大院(Qiao’s Grand Courtyard :my absolute favorite historical Cdrama).  The most decisive one is my folks are visiting and they are addicted to CCTV8 historical dramas.  I love them to bits and installed some Chinese satelliteTV thingy (which maybe illegal…) for them to get their CCTV fix.

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