Friday Pretty Post

My bleeding heart, I will forever remember that young teenager with bright determined eyes on the bench of Real Madrid

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Friday Pretty (and Not So Pretty) Post

Obviously I am very bored and restless now that I have pretty much a clean drama plate except TWO hours a week of Fargo and River’s Edge and my foot is in a cast.  This is depressing.

So this sillyblog has this everything goes coming:

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Look What I Did! (Yuan Hong March Update)

YH:  Light’s off, tugged in, music soothing my nerves, settling into my nook, striking my body at all the satisfying angles, and sleep.  I am reporting on set the morrow, Godspeed, work hard (I will).
For the Nth+1234 times I asked and with my strong LUV/ESP for Loverboy, he promptly answers.
I have Loverboy voodoo, nothing new. I cast a single tiny grumble the other day on why I did not get the ultimate confirmation from my darling in his own words to be attached to the only Cdrama World of Plainness that I need to be Good, no, FckingAMAZING.  Not decent, bearable, watchable……screw all the niceties,  if they come up short of freaking earth-shattering amazing with this million+ word mindblowing epic, they have the whole planet of Chinese to answer to. It has to be spellbounding seminal perfection that will be passed on through generations as a gold standard, to the point casting Loverboy in one of the main lead of this expansive ensemble cast is slightly making me nervous, because he is…not yet perfect acting wise, lets be brutally honest, but I AM EXCITED.  I CAN DREAM.  And pray, I will.
He is clearly a ball of nerves sentient of his every routine apprehensive, pensive… calming his own nerves, while brimming with jolts of excitement and getting us all in knots what perfect satisfying poses he would make a lovely scene on his bed to get a good rest anticipating the bright, exciting next day.

刘威 is not a veteran I am very familiar with but he chewed up scenery in White Deer Plain

张嘉译/Jiang JiaYi
I have watched so many of his good work. While i am shallow and he is not exactly attractive, he is the most dependable litmus of this is not shiteous,  imo he has never wasted time on anything unworthy, 蝸居、悬崖 r terrific and at the top of the best Cdrama of last few years. He is in so many asdsgjkaaadfsslI epics I need NOW: A Touch of Sin, Golden Era, Homecoming, The Crossing, a DengXiaoPing biopic to name a few. If this comes out anytime soon he will be the reigning C uncle owning my screen.

Loverboy and his OTP 李小萌/Li XiaoMeng, I’ve not seen the actress in anything, but her baiduwiki is v promising. I do not expect the production to be hype seeking like the fluffy crap yuma or even TR habitually does, throwing out bones of BTS and casting shenanigans. This doesn’t need the cheapo advertising to begin with. I can do without any fanservice, not a word nor pic ‘leaked’ as long as this can be most (un)humanly possibly good.

The main lead 王雷 is bigbro of YH’s character and his love interest would possibly be Tong LiYa. He is the RL hubby of 李小萌, and I originally thought he would be paired up with his wifey and Yaya with YH.  He has worked on many critical darlings like 金婚, the very popular drama PD Zheng of Zhen Huan Zhuan did before ZHZ starring the Meryl Streep of Cdramaland Jiang WenLi.

Now that he is on set in remote NW China, needless to say the filming of the modern drama where he plays a couple with Cherie Ying and stepdaddy to her character’s son is done with in ShenZhen.  Looks like he had lotsa fun!

YH, the bookworm is also a hot commodity writing awesome (but tardy) blurps for his writer friends.   He is having a harder and harder time finishing reading the original with them dumping million words of books on his lap and asking him the favor.  He just did one on a nonfiction on HumanBio  (‘Humans are fragile!  Handle with care) and we do not expect any less from him than his words squarely in his own classy gutter. He owes scriptwriterPeng (the out in the open HongShi shipper) fr BBJX a big one for writer Peng’s magnum opus of millions of words.

What he wrote:

This is a book written by a collection of experts, covering all the tidbits of the top 3 and the bottom 3 bits of the human body, yet a liberal arts student like me, who has only read books of my major is asked to write a recommendation, this is interesting.  Good that in all the subjects of the sciences, biology, especially human biology is the one I have paid keener attention to in class.

The old adage: Know your enemy and know yourself, find naught in fear for 100 battles.  This is a book teaching us about ourselves.  From what is the concept of ‘ballbusting’ for the guys, to the Annals of the Auntie (visiting) for the ladies;  from how to eat better, drink merrier, to how to stop your dreams from being incepted.  This book covers it all, giving us an encompassing knowledge of everything.  But what is attracting me is not just the above.

I am not a purist in scientific theories, my understanding of things and causations has its own set of deviation.  In my opinion, everything on earth has a thread in common.  The way of all things in nature is what physics/物(things)理(logic) is about.  The world of our minds, our philosophies, are built on the foundation of the knowledge of the logic of nature.

We have to understand nature’s logic in order to know the way of life.  To see our world in a clearer light, we have to start from knowing ourselves better.  Reading this book, you will get to know how intricate, how complicated a marvel your own selves are.