Is this legal?

The Hawtness?  Probably not, none of it.

Yuan Hong, my boyfriend, you are an almost 30 yo man, ie a toe into middleagedom

Y SO cute?! ><

Why aren’t you selling some anti-aging magic dust?! I’m buying. A tonne please.

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upcoming turd-ish but pretty Cdramas i can’t look away

lolz I think I had a 10000 word count yesterday, mostly silliness my part.  Sorry world, I’ll put a stop to my polluting.

Lets move on to other silly pretty things in life.

The drama I formerly snerked at as Shitty Sword is….piquing my interest bit by bit, O_O I don’t have the capacity to process why.  Maybe the TengRen’s new pretty boy Jiang JingFu is a mashup lovechild of the very young HuGe and YuanHong facewise and this is one sickly pretty fanposter.  They look very deliciously CP to me and ShiShi is 100000x more charming and lively than anything I’ve seen her in of late

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