You have to see this

This is the most mindblowing vid of artwork I’ve seen.  Sand, projector, lightbox and HOW ON EARTH!?!?!?!??!!????????  What boggles my mind most is how one swipes each of the masterpiece off one by one to make the next scene, it feels like a mother killing her own most brilliant beautiful child over and over again and I’m screaming NOOOOOOOO~!!!!!

I’m an In the Mood of Love junkie.  If I have 6 minutes and I need a fix of the heartpain and palpitations I watch this (the deleted spoilerish Angkor Wat scene) on youku, if I can only spare ONE minute 3:40 to 4:40.  It’s the simpliest of yearnings of love not meant to be yet the most complicated of emotions and to express ALL that in all the miniscule perfect nuances.  This is the best minute of acting by Tony and Maggie not to be missed.  I love the movie without it, but as a stand alone clip this is giving me everything I need and want fr the most perfect synergy that is WKW+Tony+Maggie.