Long Time No See

It was Friday…

sad with the loss of Bella Yao/姚貝娜.     I will remember, no matter how long have passed, you are still that passionate young lady who wants to get out of a hospital bed of the insatiable want to sing/还是昔日多情的少年.    Voice of an angel, sing on where there are no human pain and sufferings where…

…wings are leaves fallen in heaven.  RIP *pray*

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Now listening: Red Dust Inn

Jay Chou maybe repeating himself since forever, but I’m a sucker for his ‘wuxiapop’.   Jay is still the reigning, no contest King of Mandopop, needless to say his new MV Hong Chen Ke Zhan 紅塵客棧 is a HUGE deal.  I’ll be looping it till I’m sick of it, like I always do a Jay MV:

It’s quite horribly acted, but it’s for an MV, so we can’t be too nitpicky.  The pretty girl is TR’s Gu Li Na Zha, her ethnicity is Uyghur, so it’s a nice surprise she can carry the period/wuxia garb, but alas, she can’t act.  The hero is forgettably fug.  The white horse can act better than the 2 of them combined, but the wuxia is AMAZING, the splattering of blood too.  It’s just pretty (scenery), pretty (action), pretty (Gu Li), pretty (Jay’s ARMS)

And it takes no time for the super talented MagicBlade fandom to make an ever better MV with their OTP RedLeaf (Wallace and Baron).  It is utterly amazing and romantically slashy, saving anyone not knowing a thing about MagicBlade the misery of laboring through that PoS.

Wuxias Trololoing

When I saw half my Wlist loling like a cackle of hyenas a wk ago, when the following rumored list for the cast of DGSD2013 was leaked, all I can helplessly do was ‘Oh-PLEAAHZEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ it to oblivion, this utter devastating exacerbating load of bullcrap.   I had a good laugh though.  You will too.

By this time we’ve all seen Wallace as QiaoFung, and 90% of us r nursing massive headaches because of it.  Wallace can never be a QF, he’ll angst and be in pain but missing the boat as the commanding hero of a Demi-god able to survive more than the whole wuxia’s worth load of crappy boulders falling on him.

imo Wallace has always attached himself to duds, I have seen quite a handful of his work through the years but none of them can be hailed as watchable.  None.  So it does make sense he’s attached to this.  It fits, actually.  I don’t think he’ll be the main reason this drama is the stinkiest of all wuxia adapts, he’ll hold his own and be bland coz if we are talking about a myriad of funny smelling things….there are plenty.

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Has anyone watched Ni Shui Han (2005)?

I’m at the midpoint, ep20 of this 2005 C wuxia.  I think I MAY hang on till the end (shocking for me)…or drop it.  Dropping it because I’ve been ff-ing constantly except for 2 or 3 characters.  The rest, I can poison them all myself with soapsuds and they r collectively dumb enough to drink a gallon of it unknowingly, repeatedly.

I’m watching NiShuiHan because I have a killer itch to scratch… finding out what’s the big deal with Wallace Chung. I knew of him as a young bit role TVB actor back in the early 90s, nowadays he’s here and there more frequently in Cdramas I’ve checked out, many dropped.  He’s decent but nothing memorable (to me anyway). I’m very neutral towards his looks and talents.  In NSH, he is the antagonist Gu XiZhou, whom we know we should sympathize and is touted as having a 100% fangirl-flailing rate.

I don’t get it, someone please kindly explain to me. While I’m impressed with him able to carry the flowy big curls a la JoeCheng in The Rose, I doubt every fangirl is his captive because of hair envy. This is a guy with enough knack in wuxia, did not achieve his desired hero-dom and thus is craving power in Court, with his Dad-in-law as the evil minister; a ‘hopeless romantic’, in the name of loving his wife, slaughters innocent valleys of people whenever he is snagged at snuffing out Hero-in-hiding+Precious Sword per Dad-in-laws’ orders. Hero is literally a piece of silken tofu, so prone to injuries damsel, in constant need of rescuing fr every character, and for our baddie to fail time after time in this scummy quest after extensive plotting, I conclude he’s not all that either.  I dunno, the sad childhood (come on, there is NO wuxia character without that token woe), the hunger for power, for recognition, for making himself worthy for his beauty or even the angst of me a sad substitute for Wifey’s Love of Her Life, do not make mass murdering pallatable.  I’m a bit impressed with his acting, just not enough to turn me a fangirl, especially if this is his shot to cult fangirldom role, I’m underwhelmed.

The Hero is played by Julian Cheung, very pretty eyes, and a face that should be on every anti-aging ad campaign. I’m already looking older than him, too bad he’s been acting as his sweet (boring) self in everything.  His Qi ShaoShang is as uninteresting as tepid tap water.  He resembles an angelic cherub overcompensating with fierce fur trying to sell it he’s the #1 wuxia hero of his woods.  All I get is: ignorant, naive, dumb, clueless, slow, gullible….   His OTP, the greatest beauty on earth he’s willing to give up everything for is a big let down. I suspect the character should be FIERCE and fiesty, actress Li Xiao Ran gives me an annoying diva: insufferable, petty and temperamental. The time apart is fine for the initial misunderstanding btn the pair, but when it goes on in circles for episodes and she’s not getting down fr her high horse, she doesn’t deserve any of it, or maybe they really deserves each other.  Either way, I can care less.

There are a number of things hooking me:

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