Friday Pretty Post

LOL it quite makes my day when the top searched hotword at weibo when I clicked in was ‘Panda’熊猫, that national treasure animal, cutest aholes.  Who would not prefer watching a panda ahole rather a human one any time any day.  TGIF to a good one!

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The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep25

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Mother is tucking her into bed, handing her a sedative for sleep.  Xiang Jun sees it all, with a wistful longing in her eyes, she has been showered by the love of her parents, her Grandmama, her twin younger siblings and her doting Husband but now when part of her luck has run out, she is falling apart inside.  She is Mother’s firstborn after childless for many years, the godsend miracle Grandmama bowed her way to beg from GuanYin, and that was ever the only worry the matron had for her granddaughter, holding the family together like a silent glue in her gentile yet stately way like the greatest blessing, a GuanYin personified anyone can only wish upon, tiding them as the most comforting support through adversities.  She has always been the best daughter, granddaughter anyone can pray for.  Time and time again, she has thanked them for taking care of her only son, ‘PingOn’ in her place.  Her family never had to worry about her, until these last years under the wrath of war.  What is it doing to her child, Mother, Grandmama must have asked the power above many many times.  Why?

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The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep23

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Still life and Landscapes witness the wax and wane of days.  We fish for poetry and meaning as we are hanging on a thread, a red one, or the one on a kite.  The leaves on the bonsai are the same shade of jade green on a sturdier trunk.   A plane in the sky speeding by and gone like the clouds gathering and dispersing with the sun peeking through…is where their hearts belong.   The same sky, the same clouds, the same field of tall grasses…are never exactly the same.  A moving speech as the sun is setting, soldiers in the trenches surviving another day which could be the prelude to a dusk of darkest hour.

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The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep22

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I did not grow up fascinated with having a meadow all by myself like a day at amusement park, but it must be a wonderland for a child a certain era bygone.   XJS’ childhood would be in the 1910s in poor rural China, orphaned quite young.  We saw how it was a favorite pastime for even the ‘city slickers’ XX and XM visiting XiangTan a decade+ later.  XJS’ idea of utopia must still be that pasture of rice field in his dream where his PingOn can giggle and run around without a care…putting his mind at ease, however little.

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