The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep21

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This episode does not start out terribly exciting for me, but after plodding through the necessary storytelling and prepping of future tangents for a half an episode, I giggled and giggled and giggled nonstop while my heartstrings got tugged by BiL (THE WHOLE WORLD MISSES YOU!)  And, I have hundreds of smiling YangZi and WH caps! GCM is smiling or can not contain a smile, or they can not take eyes off each other more than half the time in this ep.  YAY!  Poignancy back in full force in the last scene, a very winning episode, no?!

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Hua Qian Gu/ The Journey Of Flower Surprising Trailer

IT is dubbed in ENGLISH and it looks decent when I am expecting very crappy aesthetics and hilariously silly CGIs.  I am not joking, this looks very decent.  So Pleasantly surprised I am.

[All pics and gifs from weibo thanks to the original posters! :)]

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The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep20

Since the beginning of last episode, after he said a heartbreaking goodbye to his wife in an intense embrace, BiL is busy playing ‘hide and seek’ with the japs as XiaoHe puts it.  He is mentioned constantly by XX and XM.   When XX pondered how they have grown, she is quoting the lessons from BiL in her mind; when she is taking up more responsibilities she has never thought she could, but BiL has faith in her before herself.  When XM carried GCM back home in a stretcher, he taught back GCM the lesson how pride/shame means nothing to their family compared to coming back home, that is not what Dad could ever say out loud, that is 99% BiL, and GCM was at the receiving end of one such colorful speeches.  XM is quick to show he is a smartypants injecting a wink of what GCM taught him when he peed his pants.  XJS’s omnipresence is in this episode the same.
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The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep16

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To Xue JunShan, life is like his chess playing, gather his boys, pop an addictive stimulating betel nut like it is harmless chewing gum, have some mindless fun, take it as easy as can be but never not on the alert of planning and thinking all the next steps in the life he has a clarity of designing for himself and his family.  Most of the time XJS wins, having faith with his bff: luck, if it does not go his way, shamelessly badgers and smiles and fights for another chance… let luck strikes again on top of spinning his shrewdest mind harder.

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The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep14

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What a breathtaking episode.  Perfectly written, directed, acted, geniuses at work.   I am in tears for all the obvious reasons on top of this really is so good I am crying ‘Iamnotworthy’ tears.  The theme of the episode should be FATE, in an understated tasteful old plague of red sandalwood, craftily, artfully splattered with tears and blood and heart.

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The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep13

Grandpapa Hu with his offsprings at the resting place he has been tending for decades, burying all his kins, regrets, laments, generations before him and generations after him dying too young.    He presides on the same ground where his roots have long been planted, steering them this is where they belong, we remember our family dearly and they live on in our memories, never truly departed.   A similar conversation must have happened in his youth, a dogma he is living by and expects generations to pass on.  Life propagates on lives before.

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