The Auspicious Day Continues

I kept wondering since yesterday if I were the head of a tabloid, and I have say the luxury of 7 teams of reporters I can dispatch since yesterday, STILL it is not enough to cover half, and we are talking pairs of stars, ie more than a dozen of them, let alone all the editing it takes to squeeze into the allotted pages for easily weeks if not months or years worth of headlines in less than 24 hours.

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Yuan Hong + SiWon

Remember Little Twin Stars?

These have nth to do with YH+SW, or do they?

They r the facetwins (of coz I will always take the stance my Loverboy has handsomer features esp when they r in matching pink and babyblue shirts all buttoned up, but if it’s all off, hands down SiWon, you will forever win)

And they don’t look as happy when Wang LuoDan/our heroine is btn them:

And leave it to Loverboy with his fav thing, slash!    He has his hand on SiWon and MUST trolololtralalaing in front of the reporters after catching himself doing it, ‘I don’t know what kind of love triangle we three have.’ <_<  But why do I love you more? And I honestly do.

My pretty, are you allowed to be cuter than the Girl1?!?!?  Ohwells, she doesnt look like she minds.

So yes, finally! Turning Around and Say I Love You (sorry I have no idea whatitsname)  has the reporters on set when both the ‘Guy1’s are present.  They have such an insane schedule in ShenZhen where the whole crew was literally napping on set by the street, and filming will go on for 20+ hours.  It is of course snapped and tweeted by Loverboy, chirping they may be the modern day Beggar Sect.  Now they are off on location at KenTing, Southern tip of TW and that can only promise us a lot of surfing, swimming and naked YH+SW a la Beach Boys.  Don’t disappoint me, Drama! *haha although I know YH will, with his bode of skin and bones and a big bobble head as cherry on top, but SIWON~!! Show us what you’re worth!*

More pics here and here  I know the do on WLD is so trendy right now, it’s exactly the hair Lee MinJung is spotting but it’s FUGGGGG to this ahjumma!  and yeah it makes her look like the fuglier unicorn of lil’ TwinStars without the technicolor highlights.  Boo.  But seriously, I’m not a proper fan of WLD but she’s not bugging me, and she looks better in everything else but here.  Lets be honest, she’s not the fairest of them all, and she needs to keep every bit of her pretty.

I can’t wait for the vid!!!  Gimme!!!

More bts fr his friends and fans:
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